Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Christmas Preparation List

Since I am a big planner and even bigger lover of Christmas, I thought I would share with you guys the S household Christmas Preparation List.

Many of these things are already marked off and done. Family Pictures. Christmas Cards. Christmas Stockings. Decorated tree. Santa Letter package. Decorated house. Christmas movies. Santa plate ordered. Christmas Crafts.

We just have a few of the important things left to cross off our list, and as I come up with more ideas, I will continue to add on to them.

I love when I read about other people's traditions as well. Recently on instagram, I saw a mama post about wrapping 25 Christmas books for her son to open. And I thought to myself, what a brilliant idea! My baby girl would love that. Not only does she love books, but she especially loves Christmas {she is my daughter after all}. I will catch her singing Christmas tunes to herself. She freaks when she sees a Christmas tree or santa, and I cannot wait for the first real snowfall so we can build a snowman!

Oh man. I forgot to add that to the list! See what I mean?

So two things I need to add:
1. Build a snowman
2. Wrap 25 Christmas books.

I should preface that by saying... buy first 25 Christmas books.

Anyways, there's our list, and I would love to hear {so I can steal... being honest here} some little traditions that you all like to do.

**Also, for those that asked about information about creating your blog into a book, leave your email in the comments {or email me:}, and I will email you the info!**


  1. Advent calendar! You need one of those. That was my absolute favorite part of Christmas when I was growing up. It's a little surprise every day that you can't wait to do.

  2. I love this! I did the Advent Book Calendar and you really only need 24 books! You can get them on the cheap after Christmas ;).

  3. Cute checklist! Our elf on the shelf will be bringing 25 wrapped books to my boys! I would love the blog book info!

  4. I love your check list!

    My son is three and I started a few traditions with him. He has Celiac Disease so we bake gluten free gingerbread men. He also gets new PJ's for Christmas Eve.

    Every year I buy him a new bauble for the Christmas Tree, then when he moves out of home and has his own tree to decorate he gets all of the baubles that I've brought for him over the years. I think that's my favorite tradition yet!

  5. OK since I know you are all about deals and you have taught me a thing or too, when I read the get a cookie platter guess what I got a coupon from Hallmark they are still running the deal I think you should go on line and look if you spend I think fifty dollars or more which is easy for me in that store with Jingle and Belle and all the ornaments lol, you get a gift package worth over sixty dollars. In it has the most gorgeous huge snowman platter perfect for cookies, a peppermint bark yankee candle a cute note pad and pen and a Hallmark Santa Ornament, girl check it out for real!

    We adopt a family each year or do Secret Santa.

    I love you list it looks a lot like ours. I know we are buying new improved things for our yard according to the hubs ha, yeah he is obsessed with the battle of the lights all in fun ha and I know I want to get everything up and going before my unexpected treatments starting Monday.

    Love you girl!


  6. We are doing the 25 books too, I'm super excited for a new book every night to read!

  7. Yayy for Christmas time!! Favorite time of the year :) Love the warm feeling all around us! It should be like that every day of the year! Would love to hear about turning my blog into a book!

  8. I don't have anything you want to steal from me (trust me, I'm kind of a Scrooge) but I want to steal your list. Think you'd want to make it a printable or email it to me? =)

  9. man i wish i was as organized in making lists as you are! lol. I cant wait to start some of our own traditions when my son is a lil older. Right now hes still a lil to small (6 months), but Im still doing some of my all time fav traditions
    the sweet life of a southern wife

  10. I totally need an advent calender!

  11. Every year for the past few years I've ordered a new Christmas ornament for our current family photo on it. I have one from 2010 with our wedding photo, one from 2011 when I was pregnant and one a family photo from this year with our son in it.

    I plan to do the 25 books when my son is a little older and can appreciate it more. Right now he's in the "I just want to chew on books stage"

  12. Love your Christmas preparation list! The advent calendar has always been one of my favorites!

  13. I think if I made a list it would look just. like. yous! Therefore I am "borrowing" you list :) Although, I doubt I will get to make a snowman since in Texas it is still 70!

    Have a great day!


  14. We do an advent calendar, new pjs on xmas eve, and a new Christmas book to read before bed on xmas eve.

    For anyone wanting to do the book tradition, we have great books (seasonal and otherwise!) and always have internet specials going on! As a bonus, we're sponsoring Mrs to Mama this month :)

  15. This is so cute Becky! E is so lucky to have such a great Mommy like you! She will have these memories forever!
    I also totally recommend (like quite a few others) to make some sort of countdown calendar for her! Maybe you could make it together? We had a decorated chest that had different stuffed tiny pieces all Christmas related,and also a velcro tree we hung on the door. And each night leading up to Christmas we would go to the chest and find out which piece was to go onto our Velcro Tree next. It was so much fun, and a great thing to look forward to at the end of the day during the holiday season!
    Again, loving your Christmas ideas!

  16. One of our traditions is letting the kids pick out a new Christmas ornament every year that highlights what they were really interested in that year. We usually get them from the mall kiosks but sometimes the kids find the perfect one at Target or whereever we happen to be. We write their name and year on the ornament and every year the kids LOVE hanging up "their" ornaments and remembering what they were really into the year prior!

  17. Yay! So excited I inspired you to do the book tradition!! E is going to love it and you will too! XXOO Have fun. I'm actually doing a post about it today! :)

  18. love the list!!

  19. O&G would love the books- great idea!

  20. Great list!

  21. New to the do you even make a list like that? Tips please! Super cute!


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