Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Throwing TO-DO Lists out the Window

Written 10.26.12

It was one of the days. You know, a day where it's too gorgeous out to even think about doing anything inside. I had all these grand plans to clean out the nursery to get it ready for painting. To get this crossed of my list and that goal accomplished. But? My plans were all thrown straight out the window to never be seen again {that day}. Instead? It was replaced with the notion that we would spend every possible hour outside.

Okay, okay, I had no idea that we would end up spending so much time outside. But I have to admit it was one pleasant surprise.

We started out that morning heading out to Wal-Mart {don't even get me started on my great dislike for this store}, because a certain fish {oh you know, we got Elliana a fish... brilliant idea}, needed fish food. I know what you are thinking. Go ahead, think it. How did I buy a fish the day before and not buy fish food? My answer? How could you not. I've never owned a fish. For all I know, fish eat water.


Moving along. We got the fish food. Plus ten million other things we absolutely did not need, but the fall stuff was on sale, and I'm a sucker for sales.

Left wally world. Elliana was starting to pass out in the back, so I made a quick right turn on the way home to this beautiful park by our house.

And so we spent the next hour and a half at the park... enjoying ourselves. Guys. It was October 25th and it was 80 degrees outside. Sunny, but with the perfect amount of breeze. I could eat the weather, it was that good. If only.

Finally, Elliana decided for me that she was about to pass out right there and then, so we went home for a nap. She ate her lunch, and passed out quicker than I've ever seen that little baby doll pass out. Which? Is fine by me... because, if I must throw out this little reminder,  I still have to lay down with E for her naps and bedtime for her to fall asleep. As of like 2 months ago. That's a whole post of its own to come.

So nap time for this mama consisted of finishing photo albums for my baby doll and it was glorious! I felt accomplished, proud, and with the sun beaming through the window... I was loving it all. Not loving the fact that the room down the hall {that is called the nursery} didn't get tackled yet... but? That's okay.

E woke up from her nap. Ate a little snack. Got dressed. And then we went outside.

Me. E. and the Camera.

And we spent the next 2.5 hours outdoors. Without, not once, even going inside. Thankfully I had brought out water with us. Too bad not a toilet {for this prego mama}.

Colored chalk. Snapped pictures. Drove around on her car. Played "boogie man" with the blanket. Colored more chalk. Wrote out the ABC's. Took walks singing songs. With E on constant "REPEAT MAMA!". Sheesh. Snapped pictures. On the swing. On the porch. Snapped pictures. Back to the swing. Laying on the ground like fools. Mama falling down on the ground after E decided to throw the ball down the driveway for the millionth time. Welcomed the UPS man {who brought Elliana her birthday banner!.... can't wait to share that}. Waved off the neighbors as they drove off to dinner. Waved them back hello as they came home. Snicker.

And finally welcomed our papa home when he came home from work. Lots of hugs and kisses all around. One tired sore pregnant mama. And one extremely happy, exhausted toddler.

Thankfully? Dinner had been in the crockpot since that morning.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the crockpot?

That... and spending 4 hours outdoors... wearing the toddler out to the point of falling asleep at the dinner table.. taking beautiful pictures of our every day life, and throwing "plans" out the window to enjoy one of the last gorgeous days of October.

That, my friends, is what life is all about.


  1. I have been reading your blog for a long time, since your daughter was a baby. I am on the other side of mommy hood, approaching the empty nest and it makes me happy to see you enjoy your daughter's childhood so much. It goes fast! :) I have been dabbling in blogging a bit about motherhood, health and life in general and your blog has done a lot to inspire me. Even though we have a different demographic, we all love our kids! Best wishes for your family as you continue to grow.


  2. Adorable pictures! Reading posts like this makes me excited to be a mommy someday :)

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 

  3. This made me tear up! You nailed it my sweet friend! This is what life is all about. Living in the moment with your littles, they are only little once! I just love all the pictures of Elli, she is so gorgeous, and although I didn't think it was possible, she gets more gorgeous each time I see a photo lol! I love that smiley face towards the end, was she welcoming papa home?!?! Le Sigh on the Walmart thing I am the same way girl, we have a love/hate relationship with that store lol! I thought fish could live off water too for the first day ehhh I thought well they fed them there hahahhaa yeah I didn't do that great with the whole fish thang, I tried put Stripey our zebra print fish welp he made it longer than the others just didn't make it during the outage bless him, I can't do the whole fish thang again, it's just I don't know what the ....I am doing in that department lol!

    I love reading someone so uber excited about being a momma as me! LOVE IT! Love you

  4. BEST kind of day!! I remember the weather this day, I couldn't believe how nice it was outside!!

  5. This kind of post makes me SO excited for next summer with Piper. I can't wait to spend our days outside enjoying the sunshine:)

  6. I love throwing plans out the window! Ive been doing that a lot lately as well. They're only young for so long so why not enjoy it

  7. she is just too gorgeous for words and I cannot wait to see what little brother looks like!!!!!

  8. I think I needed this post today. SO many nights I come home from work and feel like there a just a million things I should be doing, but I'd rather just spend time with my husband and relax. Last night we did just that. After dinner I didn't do laundry, I didn't clean out a drawer, I didn't even vacuum... we just watched a movie and relaxed. Nights w/ no plans and no lists are good.

  9. Sounds like a great day!! Glad it was so nice there!

  10. The weather that day truly was glorious, we did the same thing and hightailed it to the park.

    Days where you decide to throw previous plans out the window really is always amazing:)

  11. What a PERFECT day!! As always, E looks so so happy in every single picture. I kind of wish playing outside with a blanket was socially acceptable at 23 ;)

  12. What a perfect fall day!!!!! Love the photos!

  13. Sounds perfect. Looks perfect, too. :) I'm glad you made the most of that weather ... it won't be around very long ...

  14. Hey Becky!
    I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog! You remind me so much of myself! Posts like this make me even more excited for my baby girl! You seem like one amazing mama!! :)


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