Saturday, November 10, 2012

Meet Miss Summer; A Mama, Fighter, and Inspiration

Five of my Favorite Memories:
Being proposed to by the hubs on the Son of the Beast roller coaster at Kings Island. We are thrill seekers and roller coaster junkies.
Marrying the hubs in a very low key wedding as in eloping lol!  We had the option of having a big wedding or getting a gift of a big down payment on a house, welp we picked the house ha!  No worries I still bought a big white dress, had pictures made, etc., and no it wasn't with Elvis, which would have been kinda cool though lol!
October 12, 2006 the birth of our Kelcee Alba. The bestest day of our lives.
First Day of Kindergarten.  Eeeer even though I almost had a nervous breakdown and that day was bitter-sweet it still is a memory I will have forever of our little baby growing up.  OK I'm starting to tear up again lol!
Her 6th Birthday at Great Wolf Lodge

Facts about me:
I may have a slight obsession with Twilight eeeer Edward lol.  When I did my port surgery awake the morning of the hubs put the Edward doll in my bed with a note that said watch over her you creep bwhaahhahaahaha!
I have been told I am the life of a party. I am super funny and smile a lot and talk a lot too!  

I do not know a stranger. One time I talked to this lady in the parking lot of the grocery store for fifteen minutes. When we were walking in the hubs asked who she was and I said I have no idea ha!
I love being around friends and family. I love Jesus with my whole heart and Kelcee has him in her heart as well which melts mine.
Shopping is my stress reliever. When I get stressed retail therapy is my thang.
I am addicted to Matilda Jane clothing. Now that they have an adult line of clothing I am even more so ha!
I also love to just chill on the weekends with the fam when we have a chance. Those are my favorite days.

Today Summer is hosting a HUGE GIVEAWAY on her blog! She is offering you readers a chance to win a MAY BOOKS for 2013! Also, matilda jane gc, hairbows, web design, and more! Head over here to enter to win! Stop by, and say hello too, as well as offer her some support and prayers!


  1. AWwwwww I love you more than a hot cup of gingerbread frappacinio on a crisp autumn morning lol! Thanks for the love girl! Hurry over to the blog you will freak at some of the things up for have a princess and you will be like eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek yup ya will love you mean it

  2. Yay! Love meeting more fun bloggers!


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