Friday, November 23, 2012

33 Weeks; Happy POST Thanksgiving

Happy Black Friday to all you crazy shoppers out there. I did my shopping but it was all online and will be hand delivered to me by the good old UPS man, or sometimes the fed ex guy as well. But today? The day after Thanksgiving, I am most thankful for this baby boy of mine. The baby boy who is now 33 weeks gestation!!

So lets talk about Graham and this week. I would say that there was no weight gain, but after yesterday... I'm going to bet I gained maybe 5 pounds. Although I didn't even have a second plate.

To be honest with you, I fill up pretty quick these days. I am going to bet it is because of this baby boy who is overpowering the big old belly of mine.

Stretch marks? None. Clothes? Non-Maternity. Belly Button? Out. Heartburn? Very. Movement?Contractions? Lots. Nope. Sleeping? Through the night. Peeing? Too much.

Overall, I have had a really great week.  The only bad night I had was the other night at work which was so busy I wasn't able to sit down, eat, or drink, and finally chugged a glass of water at 630 in the morning. I went home that day and I was pooped out. There was a lot of laying around/napping with Elliana that day. Much needed rest.

What's coming up? Still waiting on lots of accent pieces to come in for the nursery so I can finally call it done and show it off. Christmas Tree is going up today! Doctor's appointment on Monday. My 34 week appointment! Then the next one will be 36 and I will be going weekly! Pinch me.

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  1. Graham will be arriving before you know it sweet girl. I am glad that things have went ok thus far :) Hang in there mamma!

  2. I have not checked in on the blogs I used to follow in a long time!! Looks like we all drank the preggers water at the same time!! I'm 32 weeks preggo with a little boy as well!!! I never blog anymore but decided to see what everyone was up to. Best of luck with baby boy!!


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