Friday, November 30, 2012

34 week Bump Attack

I have hit that point. The point that I never hit when I was pregnant with Elliana. The point where I am actually THAT complaining, whining, uncomforable pregnant lady.

I don't know what it is about this pregnancy, but it is so different from my last. Perhaps it is the fact that he has always hung out low {and lately lower than usual}, or maybe the fact that it is my second pregnancy in general, but regardless... I feel every part of being pregnant.

I get these sharp pains [down yonder}, especially when I walk, and I swear that the baby has a knife in there and is just jabbing my insides... down there. Emphasis on down there.

Pleasant, right?

Speaking of walk. I can't. I literally hurt when I walk, especially when I'm at work. Everyone makes a joke, or two, about my waddle. But if only they knew the pain I was going through. Honestly, with Elliana? I think I had a waddle the last week of pregnancy or so. This time? Since week 20. And it's progressively getting more and more prominent.

The heartburn is at its all time high. And before? Chocolate was the cause. Now? I have long since run out of halloween candy and rarely {never] eat chocolate. Instead, everything causes heartburn. Espcially water or ice chips? What the world.

With Elliana, I had mild heartburn towards the end. But nothing that I would write home about it. And she? Well she was born wtih a good amount of hair on her head. So if this is any indication of the amount of hair my son is going to have, then I will go ahead and say that he will come out with hair down to his ankles.

At least, that's how I feel.

I also get full really fast. Good thing or bad thing? Not sure, because I don't really have much of an appetite. So maybe that will hinder all this weight gain? Maybe.

Doctor's Appointment this week:
Heartbeat great. Measuring right on track. Blood pressure normal. Next time will be my last 2 week visit and we will officially go weekly after that. Total weight gain? 28 pounds. I guess I wasn't kidding when I said Thanksgiving put on 5 pounds.

Elliana went to the appointment again with me this week. I think we have long since given up trying to figure out someone to watch her while I go to these things. And to be honest with you? She does amazing. The two times that she has misbehaved have always been when it's been the three of us that have gone. Not sure why that changes things, but something is different about her. More sass.

So she always sits up with me on the table while the doctor measures and listens to the heartbeat. And she has this sweet innocent smile when she hears the "horse gallops." She loves her baby brother already.

Guys. I'm going to be 9 months in a week and a half. NINE. Nueve. Devet. You get the point. It's flying by.

Is it too early to put predictions in? On the, cough, arrival date. I don't want to jinx myself... but I'm going to say... 38 weeks.


  1. Congratulations :) I found your blog yesterday and LOVE it! Your daughters name is pretty awesome, I am a little biased since my full name is Ileana. I look forward to reading more about you and your baby boy on the way.I am also expecting a baby boy this year :)

  2. I am 22 weeks with a boy too and I am literally having every issue you just listed. My daughter was SO MUCH easier. I didn't have anything going on like now. I am already waddling (from so much pressure "down there" haha) and I have KILLER lower back pain but only on the right side. Heartburn...check. No appetite...check. Also, I have never broke out like this in my life. Holy acne batman! Just thought you'd like to know you're not alone. At least you're 12 weeks farther along than me...and for that I envy you.


  3. I had the worst heartburn with my little man and everything would cause it! And I definitely get the sharp pain in the down yonder I use to tell my hubby the baby was punching my... Well you know. You are almost there mama!

  4. I am so sorry Becky - it is a tough time!! I struggled through my pregnancy (it was my first) and I had many days when I hated it!! I had terrible morning sickness, heartburn, lower discomfort and then pre-eclampsia...

    I was more than happy when I gave birth to a healthy baby girl at 37 weeks! I hope these next few weeks aren't too bad for you!!

    My date guess is: 38 weeks and 4 days x

  5. hi! :)
    Love the blog - I've been a follower for a while now.
    I'm due with my 2nd babe in January (I'm 32 1/2 weeks so we're very close!) - my daughter is going to be 18 months next week so again, very similar! :)
    ... just wanted you to know this pregnancy is much harder for me as well. I am SO uncomfortable, sleeping is non-existent, I have a lot of pressure, back pain, heartburn - the works!! I'm torn between wanting him to be here STAT and nerves about him coming so soon.
    Cheers to us being (almost) 9 months preggo - hang in there mama!

  6. Thats how you know your done right, when you start questioning the whole thing from the start.... I remember the day when I told my husband.. I dont care what I have to do, this baby is coming out... I am DONE

  7. Its adorable that she goes to the appointments with you! I think she will always remember those moments. I am 32 weeks right now and I feel like a hot mess. Uncomfortable all the time and no sleep! Good luck with your last couple weeks, Enjoy the (non-violent) Jabs a little longer!

  8. I'm sure you've received 20 pieces of advice on the heartburn, but I took one PepcidAC every evening during the last half of my pregnancy because I had horrible heartburn. It kinda changed my life - haha! Seriously, helped SO much. Water seemed to be my biggest trigger, too - which still baffles me!

  9. Oh the last month of pregnancy was no fun! I know exactly what you are going through when you talk about the sharp pain down there. I would tell people and they would have no idea about that pain..I was wondering if I was just extra sensitive. Hope you can find some comfort soon!

  10. Becky, you look amazing! You are getting so close!

  11. It's crazy how similar our pregnancies were. I had the same experience with Kyla as you did with E. And with Kase? Same story as Graham. I was absolutely miserable. I can't imagine you having to work at night. You look amazing though. I think we should all make our guesses on arrival date and size of the little guy :)

  12. I have said this a gazillion times but girl you are the prettiest preggers girl ever and I mean that! OMG if all of us look like you do preggers we would stay preggers lol! I love that top you are wearing, how cute your bare baby belly and no stretch marks awesome, I didn't have any with K either. Yup your boy is gonna come out looking like a rockstar from the 80's hairband lol kidding, but they do say that the more heartburn the more hair lol!

    I can not believe you are almost nine months what in the world. Sorry you are having pains in the southern region ouch!

    I think kiddos like to act out more when momma and poppa are around a show off thang, Kelcee does it too!

    You crack me up about saying you waddle you are to tiny to waddle lol....

    love ya

  13. I've only had one pregnancy (with a boy) so I can't compare it to anything else but I will say that I was incredibly uncomfortable and had a hard time walking the last two months. The heartburn wasn't really bad til the very end.

    Hopefully he'll come a little early so you can get the tax credit for this year. I was due 12/26 last year and we finally induced on the 30th because I wanted him out before the 1st in part for the tax credit and mainly because I was so freaking uncomfortable by 4 days overdue.

  14. You look great Momma! Yes second pregnancy was so different for me too! It was a lot easier the first time and no pain.

    Also, working and with a toddler makes it harder.
    Same goes for the after pregnancy part!
    But it is worth it!
    Good luck! I say 38wk and 2 days ;) hehe

  15. I'm guessing 36 weeks :) I was the exact same way when I was pregnant with Bryce. My heartburn was OUT OF CONTROL - I ate a pack of Tums a day. I waddled at 20 weeks. I swore one day I was going to pee & when I wiped, there would be a foot. I had a pretty hard pregnancy. I'm hoping with the next one - it's much easier. Oh & I had Bryce 4 weeks early. He was still 7lbs 4oz. Thank God or I would've had a 10lb+ baby! I still swear I had gestational diabetes & no one told me! Lol :)


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