Monday, November 5, 2012

Show & Tell Mondays. Careers.

This Weeks Questions: Careers/Your "Job"
1. Tell us what you studied in college. Is your job now related to what you studied?
Well. I studied nursing in college, and what do you know... I'm a nurse now! So yes, my job is very much related to what I studied. Although, I do have to say, nursing school doesn't nearly prepare you for what is ahead. I learned most of what I know now from experience and my years of nursing. And? I still have a lot more to learn.

2. Tell us what your everyday job looks like.
No day, or should I say night, is like the next. You never know what to expect when it comes to the ICU. Some nights can be low key, other nights can be absolutely ridiculously crazy. We get it all. The very sick. The very crazy. The drug overdoses. The organ donors. The prisoners who kill children and are now sick. Grandma and grandpa, as well as the mom and day, and teenagers. 

3. Do you have a picture of you at work? Show us.
Don't laugh. Literally, this is the only picture I have of me at work. And it was New Years last year. Our kind of celebrating {with sparkling juice}

4. In 10 years, what do you see yourself doing? Same thing? More? Tell us.
Same thing as far as nursing goes. Now where in my nursing career will I be? I have no idea. Most likely I will be resource or part time and work just a couple days a week. Eventually I would like to leave bedside and work for a company, do research, or some sort of career option that deals with nursing but allows me to do more.

5. Tell us what you have learned, and what {if any} recommendations you may have for those looking to go into the field you are in. 

What haven't I learned?! Really, mainly, the fact that life is so precious and to never take it for granted. I see it all. All the time. Over and over again. Young lives lost. Opportunities missed. Family left behind. Live each moment literally like it's your last. Because? It may very well be.

Advice? Be passionate about it and have a good head on your shoulders. Nursing school? Piece of cake. Don't stress over that. Worry more once you are out there, doing the real deal. That's when you really need to get your head in the game.

Next Weeks Questions: Cold Weather Activities
1. Tell us what you like to do when it's cold outside.
2. Tell us some of your favorite "winter" recipes.
3. Show a picture of something that makes you think of the cold.
4. Tell us /show us some of your favorite accessories/outfits for the winter
5. Tell us if you had the option of snow or no snow, what would you pick?

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  1. How do you handle the job emotionally? Do you become immune to the emotional side of it at all? Reading all that you see so often while at work, I feel like I'd be a blubbering mess all the time. I guess when it's your job you must be able to detach yourself... is that hard for you or are you used to it? Just curious!

  2. I think it's so cool you are an ICU Nurse. My mom was an ICU nurse and my dad is an ICU doc. I have no idea how you can see what you see and not be so sad every day. You're awesome!

  3. Thanks for hosting the blog hop. This is my first time. I'm sure that it has to be very trying at times being an ICU nurse. You definitely have to be cut out for it. I'm glad there are people like you who do!

  4. Thanks for posting this linkup! I can't wait to hop around and read everybody's posts! It was fun participating in this! :)

  5. I enjoyed reading your post. As a fellow nurse I can relate to the pressures you face on the inpatient side of nursing. Those days were some of the most challenging in my nursing career thus far. As a nurse though, it is truly an honor to Care for patients during some of theIr weakest, darkest and most challenging periods of their and their families lives. .... Now I can't say that nursing school was piece of cake like u ;) I lived at the library during nursing school! Thanks for being what sounds like such an awesome fellow nurse ;)

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