Thursday, May 9, 2013

Video Camera

As I was sitting on the computer, sorting through my pictures, I stumbled upon these images of my husband and daughter. I immediately smiled. My happiness... in a photo.

My eyes quickly darted over to what was in Andrew's hands and that got me thinking. Videos. We don't have enough.

Simple as that.

Pictures? We have more than plenty. Enough for us to make movies upon movies just filled with images. Images that can easily tell a story. Remind us of a memory. And have an emotional affect, each and every time.

What about videos though. Do we have plenty of those? Do we even have enough? The answer to that is No. Any which way I try to reason as to why.. the answer always come down to no, we don't.

So I am making a goal. A promise to myself. To take it out more. To capture our everyday. The giggles. The milestones. The happiness within our home.

A lady I work with was telling me the other day, how her and her husband have "family movie night" with their girls. Who are teenagers by the way. They pop a bag of popcon and then the four of them reminisce over the good old days.

I want that to be us. I want our children to smile when they see somthing funny they did when they were younger, laugh at the way heir mama talked, and have our voics and images to hold onto forever, even long after Andrew and I are gone.

I don't ever want to forget these moments... but if I do... if my memory fails to stay with me through the years, I hope to have something as simple as a DVD to place in the player to relive these moments I cherish.

So, we shoot more. We keep the video camera downstairs and turn it on for 5 minutes here and there.

These babies are growing so fast. I just don't ever want to skip a beat.


  1. That is a beautiful post and those pics are just breath taking, so real and in the moment. I love it. And you're very right, it's sad for me to think that I don't think I have more than 2-3 videos of myself when I was a kid. Pictures we have plenty, but no videos and I want to make sure I don't miss anything of my little guy. Even phone videos are acceptable to me.

  2. Yes!! We have a video camera and I never use it. Probably because I'm a sharer and it's easier to share pictures. I want to start taking more video of our kids though. As it stands, I have ONE from our days in Hawaii with out twins.

  3. Just found your blog and was looking at your birth stories - I LOVE birth stories. Our daughter was due on 12/26/12 but wasn't born until 1/2/13 - I'm jealous you got the tax deduction, haha! I love your blog!!

  4. This is so precious... you will never regret having tons of videos and pictures of your sweet family!

  5. I have been reading your blog for a while now and it is my absolute favorite! I love reading because you're very honest and insightful. Plus your babies are so beautiful to look at!

  6. We haven't taken our video camera out in a while! And I'm embarassed to say that i don't want to record how messy my house is! I guess it's time to suck it up and capture those precious moments before they are gone. Who cares if the house is a mess?!

  7. aw thanks for the tip! I'm in my last weeks expecting our first and just remembered we got a lil flip cam for our wedding.. i need to make sure we get good use of that thing once she comes :)

  8. So very very true.. I just told my gf the other day that I want to take more videos! What did you use to edit it?

  9. We don't have enough videos, either. And it makes me sad! I really need to take a few moments everyday to film the everyday moments. They really do go by too quickly!


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