Monday, December 19, 2011

My Joy @ 13 Months.


Happy 13 months my baby girl. I promised that I wouldn't be one of those moms that continued with monthly updates after you turned one years old, and would do it by quarters, but so much happens every month, that I just can't help it. And any opportunity I can get to write you a letter, I will take it.

This month has been an absolute joy. You have mastered walking and I would even go as far as to say that you are on the verge of "running." So far you "speed walk." You love being able to go anywhere your little heart desires, and it's so much fun watching your little chunkers pitter patter around the house. You completely dropped the whole "crawling" gig and decided that that was for babies. And a baby you are not. That's for sure.

This month you have been a chatter box. You are attempting to say a lot of words, but haven't mastered them yet. You say car car {carson}, jeewwws {watered juice}, da {yes, russian}, goff {groff-grandparents dog}, car {car}. teee {tree}. And a whole lot of mumbo jumbo.

We can't wait for the day that you speak your little mind off. {Or can we}.

You have a lot of little "things" that you love to do. Lay down on the ground when you're tired, resting your head on the surface. Suck your thumb and twirl your hair. Point to things. Do this thing with your hands/fingers when you really want something. Point to your nose. Press buttons, especially the ones on the TV and papa's xbox. Talk on the "cell phone," whether that be mama's iphone or your little personal phone, or the remote, or anything else that resembles a phone. Open presents. Turn on the lights every night. Try to feed yourself with a spoon. Chase carson around. Look out the window. Read books. {I'm sure I am missing so much more.}

You had your 1 year well visit. You weighed in at 22 and a half pounds. And you were 30.5 inches long. With a head size in the 90th percentile. Now. I wonder who you get that head from.

Some foods you love: soup {all kinds}, mac n cheese, oatmeal with bananas and milk, yogurt with fruit and cheerios, cereal, ground turkey with veggies, mixed veggies, spaghetti with turkey meatballs, mashed potatoes. Getting around to liking chicken.

You did some fun stuff this past month! The most exciting one by far was when you met "Santa" for the first time. You weren't as excited about him as I thought you might be. But regardless, you didn't cry. You didn't squirm. You just sat there. Straight as can be. Wouldn't look at him though. Nope. Not interested. But when the girl said to look at the camera? That? Oh, you had that down. {I think mama takes too many pictures of you}.

We also celebrated Thanksgiving at our house and BOTH sets of grandparents came. You have a lot of people that love you my darling, especially these old folks. :)

You've helped mama with many of her crafts this month and also wrapping presents. I'd like to say that you are a good little helper, but it's hard to tell when you run off with my tape, markers, and crafting supplies. You'd rather use them as junk to put in your little "shopping cart."

Elliana, every month has been incredible with you. Every month has been full of so much joy and memories. You are such a blessing in our lives, and we are so excited to watch you grow and guide you through this little world that we live in.

We love you, forever and ever, and beyond!

Mama and Papa.


  1. O my goodness!! 13 months already!! She is just too precious!

  2. LOVE her tutu! I love these little letters you write to her.. such a great idea!

  3. awe! this was so sweet. she's gotten so big!!!

  4. what a sweetie :) love these pictures {i mean I love all pictures of her duh}

  5. She is just GORGEOUS!!! I adore her Tutu!! Let me know if you want some different colored ones- we have LOTS here and my girls have outgrown many!! You are such an awesome photographer!! E's going to be able to look back and have the best baby pictures EVER!! xox

  6. You have such a gorgeous daughter!
    Merry xmas!

  7. She's seriously beautiful! And I love her tutu...where did you get it?
    ♥ Kyna

  8. She's such a little doll! Its amazing how fast they grow and change in just one month! I say keep doing her monthly updates because you will love looking back on them!

  9. She is just too cute! I love seeing the monthly posts!

  10. What a doll ! I love her pettiskirt ! And she sounds a little mischevious running off with all your supplies....gotta love little girls!


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