Monday, November 4, 2013

15 Questions with the Husband

1. Describe your relationship in three words
"Full of Love." And he's totally not a mushy kind of guy.. and I promise it is not always full of love, but even when we argue, it sure is out of love.
2. What's your favorite thing to do with Becky.
"Going out to dinner." Yes, yes yes.

3. What is Becky's biggest pet peeve?
"Diddle Daddling." Very true

4. What's your favorite meal that she cooks
"Homemade Pizza." Veggie, cheese, pepperoni pizza. 

5. What is your least favorite meal
"Stuffed Bell Peppers." Funny, because when I first made this meal, he was obsessed. Now he cringes at the thought of me making them. I still do... with high hopes... but I don't think it is happening.

6. A day you never want to forget
"The day our children were born." I concur. 

7. Idea of the best date night
"Bdubbs and Draft Beer." We used to do this at least one time a week pre-babies, and I agree that it was the best kind of middle-of-the week date night. For real dates, our favorite is definitely going to a fancy dinner downtown and staying at a hotel. But it's been a while, and we are so overdue.

8. Whats Becky's favorite movie
"Bad Santa." If there is a movie out there that tells you anything about my humor, this would be it. I kid you not, I saw this movie at least 20 times in the first year that it came out, 4 of those times in the theatre. Now that I'm talking about it, I need to actually go rent it {I once owned it}.
9. What's your favorite memory with Becky pre-kids
"The day I met you." Such a generic answer, but I couldn't agree more. I don't want to say specifically the first day, as much as the first week and everything that lead up to us being together. It all just kind of fell into place, and it was pretty story-book like. 

10. If you could travel anywhere, right now, where would you go?
"Russia to meet Becky's family." I was definitely not expecting this answer, but it really put a lot of thought in my head. Most {pretty much all, aside from immediate} family are in Russia, and my husband has never met them. In fact, I have not been back myself and they only knew me ever as a little girl. It would be very interesting to travel with Andrew and show him this different life that I once knew. 

11. What do you love most about your wife
"The way she loves her family. " 

13. How many children do you want to have.
14. This or that: New house or trip to Europe. Football game or Basketball game. Dark or Light. Sweet or Sour.
"Europe. Football. Dark. Sweet."

15. What do you think about blogging.
"I don't know. Sips wine. Depends on what I get out of it."

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