Saturday, November 30, 2013

Glori talks about infertility and more.

Glori and I have so many things in common, being moms of a little girl and a little boy. But our paths to getting there have been so different and I am always amazed by the strength of someone that has had to go through infertility. I asked her some questions, and this is how she answered:

1. When it comes to infertility I would love people to know a few things. One, you are not alone, it feels like you are, but you aren't, it happens to so many people, just go to your first appointment and you will see all of the couples there.  One of the hardest things is going through infertility and having your friends pop up pregnant left and right. It is ok to feel envious, but just remember, where there is a will there is a way. Infertility is emotionally, physically & financially draining, but you have to get your mind set right and if you want it bad enough stick to it. Science is truly an amazing, amazing thing!  Also, it is not always because "the woman" is not fertile.  I was fertile myrtle, ovulating like clock work every week, however my husband had some major obstacles which made having a baby the old fashion way nearly impossible, but made me an excellent candidate for IVF. Lastly, infertility does not discriminate, it doesn't care if you are young, healthy and have done everything right, it sucks! It totally sucks! If it happens to you, I'm sorry, don't put blame on yourself though, it is more than likely nothing you did, again, it totally sucks! 

2. The most important thing to me with raising my children is raising them to be confident, respectful, loving & brave. I believe with these traits comes so much greatness. Love is the foundation. I want them to love each other, love us (their parents), their family, their friends and themselves. I want them to respect themselves and others. I want them to be confident in themselves, their decisions, their physical appearance and health, own their mistakes, and know they can get through anything. I want them to be brave. To try new things, to challenge themselves, to take leaps and dream big!

3. 5 random things people don't know about me are:  

{1} I love to take baths. I am not a soaker, but I love to take a nice, quick, hot bath. I like to stretch in the bath and wash my hair under the fountain. 
{2} Growing up my grandparents and my dog Princess were my best friends. I was a very independent player and still am independent to this day. I have never really liked being around too many people, especially strangers.
{3} I don't like surprises. I mean sure good ones are better than bad ones, but I don't like them period. I like to be prepared. 
{4} When I hit puberty, around 13 I guess, I got super chunky and between that and my lack of self confidence I had some rough teenage years, but they made me who I am today and I grew out of it, but that is why keeping my kids active is so important to me.
{5} I don't have a colon, a gull bladder or an appendix. Crazy, I know! Overall I believe I have had like 8 surgeries. My colon being the largest procedure and was compared to open heart surgery.

4. My favorite things to do during "me time" are go for a run, go to hot yoga, watch some great reality TV or look at a trashy gossip magazine. Also, at night during "we time" with my husband, I LOVE just laying in bed and catching up on our TV shows, usually while eating ice cream or multi tasking on our phones. Sad, I know.

5. If I could change one thing, hmmm oh goodness. My pageant answer would obviously be to cure diseases, have a magic pill that keeps kids from getting sick, and adults too. Our family has had such a rough few weeks I would just love to blink and all feel better. Then, there is also world peace, I mean honestly how lovely would that be. The world is cray cray and it is getting out of control. School shootings, mall shootings, oh my! Scary!!! Also, while I love, love, love watching my kids grow up, gosh I would love to just freeze time. Time goes by too too fast and with the busy lives most of us lead today, it goes by in a blink of an eye. Ok, I know, you said pick just one, but I couldn't chose.


  1. infertility is so hard. you really do feel lonely. i sure know i did. especially when everyone around you keeps popping up preggo. great answers glori!

  2. I loved all of your answers, but I would have to disagree with your statement of, "where there is a will, there is a way." You can sometimes go through all of the tests, treatments, and options and still end up without a take home baby. True, it works for most people, but it doesn't for everyone(it didn't for me.) Just my .02.

    1. thanks Courtney, you are so right, IVF doesn't always work and sometimes it takes several tries. I am super lucky in that way I know. Your daughter is beautiful! I just stopped by your blog and I know you are not going through with any more treatments right now and I completely understand that, but I do believe in miracles :) Happy Holidays girly!

  3. This is a sweet post, but there was an Ebay ad over her lovely family pictures. So many ads on my favorite blogs lately make them less enjoyable to read :(

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