Monday, November 18, 2013

The last time I threw a Pinterst Party

Well. Wasn't actually a pinterest inspired party, as I didn't sit on pinterest and come up with all these ideas to do. But I guess I call any party that is over-the-top and requires a lot of planning as pinterest inspired. That's just the definition of it. Over-the-top and requires a lot of planning. That's pinterest for you. A lot of pretty pictures that gets you inspired to do these pretty things like cooking, crafting, and oh yes party planning. Except the planning part? The execution I should say-not so pretty. I'm just not crafty to make pretty things.

I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I don't think anyone is wrong to do so. And I honestly believe that they can be fun, exciting, and well worth it. I do. But boy can they also be difficult, stressful, and not budget-friendly. I try, I really try... but it's just hard. Plus, I over think things and constantly question myself. Again, stressful.

By definition, I have thrown two of those kind of parties. For the first birthday and for the third. And that was two too many. Probably my last. But if I'm being completely honest here, probably not. Because after the first birthday? I recall saying the same thing. And you know, I followed through with that promise come time for the second birthday. Decorations and fun were involved,  but it was all store bought, thrown together in a day, and celebrated with family only. Perfection.

Then came the third birthday party. Well, it all began 6 months prior when I thought about what theme to have. Elliana was big into animals {still is}, and obsessed with the zoo, so naturally I thought she would love the idea of a circus theme. Anything that would incorporate some of her favorite things and make her happy. So I thought, animals with a few clowns sounded easy enough. It started out as a thought though. Nothing more. But then, 3 months later, of all places but Zulily {surprise surprise} happened to have a big sale on party supplies, and what do you know I ended up with 10 items in my shopping cart that officially signed the deal for this circus theme idea. No longer an idea, it was a done deal.

And as time went on, I'd pick up random things here and there. By the time her birthday rolled around I had so much stuff that I didn't quite even know where it even came from or why I had it all. But the ideas were never ending and I just thought of one thing after another. This game. That game. Pin this donkey. Hit that pinata. Make music. Catch a duck. Hit a clown with a basketball. Knock off some cans. Wear masks and dance around. And of course have a real popcorn maker. Who doesn't have popcorn at a circus theme party. Not to mention vintage popcorn bags. Two different sets. How I ended up with two is beyond me. Want to know something funny? The popcorn machine was a big fat fail. It popped popcorn all over the place like it was on drugs.

Then we thought of food. Worried about not having enough. Made one dish after the next. Had family bring dishes. Ran to the store to get more ingredients for more recipes. Duplicated recipes. Made enough food to feed the country. And then only 5% was eaten. FIVE PERCENT.

It's shameful how much food we had left over, and I don't even want to talk about it. In my defense though, the first year I threw the "pinterest-inspired" party, 99% of the food was eaten. Not much has changed with my cooking, however, I have been able to come up with one very important detail that was missing from the third birthday party. The Russian people. The Russian aunts, uncles, cousins, and so forth that were at the first party and not at this one. Next time, I'll have to keep that in mind when food prepping. I'll stick with a box of pizza for the Americans. {A joke...kind of}.

And the children? All they need? All they loved the most? Was the pink car that Elliana has had for two years to zoom around at the house with, the walker that Graham pushes after her, and the infinite amounts of trucks and cars. Seriously though, I wish I was kidding. That was their obsession. The pinata was definitely a hit, and they thought that was pretty darn cool. So pinata? That's a must for every party. Everything else? Eh.

Although there are certainly many things that I would have definitely changed/omitted, the truth of the matter is that it was perfect. Putting all the craziness involved aside, it was absolutely perfect. And the only reason it was perfect is because of a certain little girl who had a certain little birthday that smiled a certain little way and that couldn't stop talking about her certain little party. It was all about her, and at the end of the day, pinterest-party or not, it's the happiness in the child that matters the most. Was it all the food, fun little games, and crazy decorations that made her day? Nope. Not at all. It was having the people she loved most and the friends that she adored all in one room celebrating her.

Like my brother told me, all kids need is each other, a bunch of toys, and probably a slice of pizza. Mmmm, pizza. Does this mean that my pinterest-party days are over? No. As much as I wish I could say that they are, and I legitametly hope that they are, I can't say that I won't venture back to the crazy--if that's what inspires me a certain year. It's amazing what we do for these little humans. Have I learned from my mistakes? Absolutely. Will I do thinks differently next time around? You bet. But, I can't say anything for certain because I just don't know what the future holds.

What I do know for certain is that my little girl will be 4 next year and I just don't even want to believe it.

Yet alone think about party planning.

Or clowns. Or lions. Or a streamer and a balloon.

Except, a certain somebodies birthday is right around the corner... the big O-N-E. What to do.

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