Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How to save money shopping online

It's ironic for me to say "I save my family money by shopping online." Shopping means spending money so that would essentially be the opposite of saving money, right? Correct. Except for me, I see it as purchasing things that are needed {clothes, toiletries, Christmas gifts, etc}, and getting them for a fraction of the price.

Snatching things up while they are on sale, stacking deals, and getting the best for the cheapest possible.

I used to be able to devote more time to scoping out my deal sites, checking out my morning shopping websites, and keeping tabs of daily deals. However, things drastically changed when I went from mama of 1 to mama of 2. I mean, drastically. So I had to cut out couponing out of my life, and also dwindle down the "daily deal sites" that I devoted my time to. In fact, there are days that go by that I don't even have a look. Rare. But it happens.

Sites I use

1. . I have promoted this time and time again, and if you still have not signed up, DO! I know I am using a referral link {which by the way, refer all your friends and family and make $10 per referral}, but this is beyond just that. You make money shopping online {like normal places, Target, Walmart, Kohls, etc.... it directs you to those websites}. Something I already do, something I did before finding out about ebates, and something I will continue doing even after. By shopping, they track your order and give you a percentage back. Every 3 months you get a check. I have received no less than $200 and the most $500. Christmas is around the corner guys!

Also, earn a free $10 gift card to a place of your choice by signing up to Ebates and shopping online {again, something you already do}. FREE gift card.

2. I buy some of my toiletry items from here depending on what is on sale and what kind of deals they have going on. One time they had Bounty paper towels {6pack} on sale for $3.50. So I bought 10. Another time, they had a great deal on a 24 pack of swiffer floor cleaner cloths, and I had bought 3 then {which will last forever}. So this is definitely a site that I check out when I start running low on home stuff, but not one that I use on a weekly {or even monthly} basis. Just here and there.

3. Before I ever click the confirm button to place my order on any website, I first open up a new tab and double check this site to make sure there are no additional coupons that I could use to save money. This site will list all of the current coupons such as free shipping codes, $10 off codes, or percentage off codes. Sometimes the codes are old and don't work, but you can tell that simply by looking at the "success rate."

4. This past year alone, zulily has quickly been my "daily" visit site. This store has grown tremendously and now has so many great companies that they team up with that I just can't help but check it out on the daily. I have scored some awesome deals here for myself, for the kids, tons of Christmas gifts, and even a few things for the home. It's a free website, that you just sign up for, and they have numerous deals that they post every morning and evening. These deals usually last only a few days, and often times go very fast {especially when they have deals on Toms}.

5. Amazon: I know everyone has heard of amazon, but if you are not already shopping through amazon, then you are missing out. I will normally buy something off amazon before anywhere else because 1} Prices are almost always lower through amazon and 2} Free shipping {on orders over $25} and no taxes! So I always always try to check out amazon before making the purchase elsewhere to see if they carry the product that I am looking into buying.

6. Same as what I stated above in amazon, except I will buy from amazon before I do ebay. If they do not have it on amazon, then I check out ebay. The thing with ebay is that you can get thinks for super cheap, however, some of these things ship internationally. Which also means long shipping.

7. I get a lot of my canvas deals here and some random deals as well as gift cards. I try to check once a week, however, I am subscribed through email so I get updates daily on what is hot. Plus, right now they have a deal where you get $5 just for signing up! Some deals are only $5. That's a freebie in my book.


8. Groopdealz. You will hate me for even telling you about this site if you already don't know about it. This site finds you all the deals out there from boutiques and companies and it's cheap guys. Lots of great holiday gifts and stocking findings for CHEAP. Don't believe me? Look for yourself. I've even found party stuff and decor here as well. Literally, they sell it all.

My Own Personal Shopping Online Rules
  • Buying Christmas presents year round
  • Shopping with coupons only/discount codes
  • End of the season sales=stocking up a year ahead for the kids clothing
  • Never paying full price {you can always find it cheaper elsewhere}
  • Never pay for shipping {either find promo codes or meet the minimum purchase value, usually $50 or $100}, or shop through Amazon, Overstock, or Ebay. 
  • Check those annoying emails with all the deal updates. Subscribe if you haven't already.
  • Visit once in a while to see what deals she has to share as well {especially around the holidays}
  • Before checking out, always always go to Ebates to make sure that I check out through there and my order is tracked so I make more money.
  • Set a budget for "monthly" present buying. Come the holidays? You won't need to spend any money!
Any tips or sites that you use? Do share!

***Affiliate links are used... so I can further help my shopping online addiction.


  1. I've already taken some of your tips from your last post! I also love the ease of having everything delivered rather than venturing out with 3 kids.

    I was wondering what you have found with shipping times and Zulily? I heard some friends saying that shipping takes so long, they stopped using the site.

    1. For me it takes about 2-3 weeks. It used to take MUCH longer, but I know that they have improved on this significantly. I try not to purchase anything that I would need right away. I love it though. Addicted, I should say :)

  2. What a great list!! I've never heard of Retailmenot or, so I definitely have to check those out! Thanks!

  3. Great list! I love these sites. Sadly Amazon charges taxes to at least NJ residents now:( Still worth the fast free shipping though!

  4. I'm an online shopping maniac. I definitely need to try some of these sites out!

  5. I just started using ebates and love it! Can't wait to check out

  6. Such great insight! I do so many of these things already, but checking out eversave today! I will tell you though, you do have to pay taxes with Amazon now in some just started in Virginia a few months ago. Made me so sad when I had to start paying it!

  7. amazon does indeed have taxes, but i do think its state dependent. but yea. they do for CA for sure!

  8. I hear about ebates for cash back and anycodes for online coupons. Easy to use.

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