Saturday, November 16, 2013

How We #GetItDone

When I was talking to Andrew the other day about my own blogging and what I do on this little space of mind, I was quickly reminded of how the internet and technology world has impacted the career force. I simply cannot think of a single job profession out there that is not influenced by technology in some sort of way. Because that's just the truth of the matter; it's all around us. And I did not start thinking about it as in depth until the conversation began.

The thing about our "jobs" is that we have many different roles in life. Aside from the typical 9-5 desk job, we continue to have responsibilities, commitments, and deadlines for ourselves outside of work. Whether that be with our family, our friends, or even our internet jobs, such as blogging, there is always an appointment to pencil in, a deadline to meet, and projects to complete. Always. That's why modern technology is important. To make us more efficient than ever before. Not like the past where our calendars hung on the fridge, our chores charts were scribbled messily on paper, and the bills were written down one by one each month to remind us of the due dates. Now we have technology to speed things along. Not to mention-make things look better.

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