Monday, November 25, 2013

Elliana Lately. 3 Years


I know that it has been a while since I did a little update on what you have been up to baby girl, and this will probably be the last on on this space. I can't quite figure out how I will incorporate your everyday happenings yet, but I know it will be somewhere. Somewhere for me to write down everything that you are doing, so that we may both remember how special this time is. And how fast it goes by.
So at three? At three you are pretty amazing.

At three...

You love to pretend play. You can go off for hours doing whatever you are doing, talking to your toys, carrying them around the house, and arranging things from one place to another. You are in your own world and sometimes I just love to sit back and watch you. Imagining what could possibly be going on through your head. Sometimes I know. Sometimes I know because you tell me. Sometimes I just know because of the way you smile, or simply by the way you are thinking. It's a beautiful thing... pretend play... and I hope that we get to enjoy it for many more years down the road.
At three, you love baths. You always have and I hope you always will. Mama loves baths. So this doesn't surprise me that you do as well.

Cannot go to sleep without mama or papa. If mama is at work, you do fine with papa, however if the grandparents are watching you overnight, when it comes to bedtime, you are having none of it. I want to say that it bothers me, but it doesn't.I love that you still want us, even as you grow older.

Love songs. Loves to sing all your nursery tunes on the CDs in the car. From the four cds combined alone, you have 50+ songs memorized. Not to mention all the others that you know. And I have to say, it is the cutest thing when you pucker your lips and exaggerate the words. "Life is but a dreeeeeaammm." Your favorite lately have been "the bible songs,mama" and this warms my heart.

If you had it your way you would eat bread, lollipops, chocolate chips, bread, cookies, bread, and anything else that is full of sugar and carbs. If you had it your way that is. But I'm pretty sure that any kid would pick tasty over healthy, even though mama pushes healthy more than anything else. I mean, you sound like someone I know.... your mama.

When I'm in the kitchen, you have to be on your step stool helping. You are constantly saying "Mama, mama, can I help, can I help?" How could I ever say no to such a sweet voice.

You have been completely potty trained now for 10 months and have done so amazing. You don't even wake up in the middle of the night and it's been a long time since we even had an accident. Lets hope your brother is as easy as you were.

At three, you have shown us that you are independent, that "you can do it," and that you are very passionate about what you like/don't like, what you want/don't want, and what you do/don't want to do. Unfortunately, we are your parents and we still have to decide what is right/wrong and appropriate. And sometimes, you may not like our decision. That's okay because you aren't 18 just yet sweet girl. Stay little.
You love your brother. You love him a lot. You get so excited to see him in the morning and when he wakes up from his naps and you run upstairs to be the first person to throw that door open and yell "You're awak little guy! Hi little stink monster." Those exact words. However, now that he has gotten bigger and is more mobile than he was when he was a baby, you automatically assume that he is tough and can stand whatever you throw his way. And by throw I mean, running into him with your little car. Swatting him away when he tries to play with your toys. And rough housing. I guess I just better get used to it.
You're smart. You're a great and fast learner and I love that you love to learn. The best way that you learn these days is through play and constant communication and repitition. Incorporating the real world and our every day with what we are learning has been very beneficial for you, and frankly, I love that the most. I would still love the opportunity to homeschool you, but we will see where we were when that time comes. In the end, I want you to be a big part of the decision, and although you are young, I think at that age you will understand the difference between school at home and school
We still go to toddler time every week at the library and you love it. It's amazing to me that a year ago, I was having to sit with you during story time, and now you go sit down all on your own like a big girl. Soon enough, baby brother will be sitting right there next to you.
You still love Caillou and insist that you he is in your dreams each and every time we ask you. You don't want much TV, but if you do watch anything then it is always Caillou. Sometimes I feel like I need to have you watch more simply so you are aware of all the different characters {especially Disney} out there, but then I realize that you much prefer to be outside, playing with your friends, or doing your own thing. But, you still love the tube when you can watch it.
Gymnastics has been your thing. We did dance for 3 months, and although you liked it, you are much too active and go-go-go for it. So we went back to gymnastics, and now are in the 3rd session. It's amazing to be able to just watch you from the sidelines and cheer you on. At the beginning of the year, I was assiting you in the parent and me class, and after a few short months, you just grew up on us and decided to be on your own. A little btiterwsweet.

We celebrated your third birthday with all of your favorite people, and even your little friends came. It's so fun to watch you be around other little kids and you are one social butterfly. You love to hug and hold hands with your friends, although sometimes they are a little more reserved than you are. You have a gentle heart and you make us so proud of this.

What you know at age 3: State that you live in as well as the ones that your family members live in, who the president is, who the first president was, number 1-30 {although not perfect from 20-30}, how to write your name, more animals than mama or papa, how to spell a few words, recognize many words in books and on flashcards, the beginning letter of words when spoken, days of the week, months of the year, and so much more that would take me too long to list.

Your favorite thing to do during the day is go to the park, have races with your brother, and paint with your painting kit that we got you. Which by the way, you concentrate so well on.

At three...

You are the greatest blessing in our lives. You have taught us so much about love and life. You have give us more meaning to our world. You show us an unconditional kind of love. You are everything that we never knew we needed, and you are everything that we ever wanted. You are our baby girl, our first born, our daughter, and our reason for breathing. We are so grateful to be your parents and to have had the opportunity to watch you grow into this beautiful little girl that you have become.

We are even more excited to see what the future holds for us.

The best years are yet to come.
And we hope to enjoy every second of it.

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