Thursday, November 7, 2013

Deals of the Week is BACK! Year 3

It's officially November, which means the holiday season is here. Which also means I will be doing my 3rd year of Deals of the Week. Where I share the best finds around. Be sure to leave any of your favorite deals as well so we can all snatch them up!

{ONE} $5 for a $10 starbucks gift card. Limit 1 per person.

{TWO} $7.99 Toms look-a-likes 

I got Elli a couple pairs of these, and I can't tell the difference. You know what I can tell? The difference in price!

{THREE} Sale on Maternity Wear ... also the cutest clothes I ever did see.

Not pregnant, but if I was...I'd be all over this cute stuff. Kind of makes me miss by bump. Kind of.

{FOUR} Bluum box 76% off. Only $12

Bluum was one of my favorite monthly boxes to get, and this is a steal price!

{FIVE} Gap cash. Applies to clearance items as well. Essentially, additional 50% off

You can get this cash, on top of saving on clearance items, ON TOP of using discount codes. I used an additional 30% off discount code last week, got $25 cash back, and got $150 work of merchandise for essentially $25. I don't see a discount code yet, but they always post one every few days, so I'd hold out until you see an additional code to use. Make sure to spend the 50, or 100, or 150 after discounts.


 Erin Condren Life Planners {and everything else} $20 off site wide. 

 It's been a couple years now since Erin Condren had such a huge sale, and now that they are letting you take $20 off site wide, it would be silly not to invest in a life planner. If you have never owned one before, then trust me when I say this, you are missing out. That is if you obsess over details. This planner? Doesn't miss a single detail.

Code: GIFT20 to take $20 off site wide expires 12/31/13

{Eleven} Medallion Cuff Bracelet $2.99+ $1.99 shipping

{DON'T FORGET} As always, make sure you are shopping through EBATES before you make your final purchase, so you can get cash back {for free} for shopping online. No gimmicks, just free money for things that you are already going to buy anyway! 



  1. ok i need to check out this ebates thingy...ive seen you talk about it before well as others!
    as for missing the bump...don't i know it first hand sniff sniff
    as for the jelly pug line...hello adorbs!

  2. Not gonna lie but I seriously want those maternity shirts even though I am not preggers !! Such great finds thanks for sharing :)

  3. I know you have talked about Ebates before, but can you please explain it again?

  4. I tried the Erin Condren code this evening and it wouldn't work, I'm super bummed :( Love your deal posts!


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