Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Get KuKee with Hello Kitty

It's fun having a three year old. Really fun. It's fun to converse with her, challenge her, educate her, and watch her personality unfold. From her food choices to her clothing choices, it's amazing to see what she likes versus what she doesn't like. We try to encourage as much independence as possible. As much as a three year old can have at this point in time

We give her choices for what she'd like to eat,what she'd like to do as well as what she'd like to wear. Well, when it comes to food, she's always been very vocal about what she would prefer. Banana, breakfast bar, and a bowl of cereal first thing in the morning. What she'd like to do? The first answer is always either the Children's Museum or the Zoo. Good thing we have year long passes to both. But as far as clothes go? It wasn't until recent that she started to develop a sense of style.

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