Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Graham 3 Months

Weight: Over 14 pounds
Length: Not sure {bad mama}
Clothes: 3 months, sleepers: some 3 month, some 6
Shoes: What shoes?

Graham man,

I cannot believe we are here today celebrating your 1/4th of a year birthday. In other words, 3 months. The time flew by, just like it did with your big sissy. But the time was well spent and I cannot stop complimenting you on how wonderful you have been to us. You have been the perfect addition to our family and we truly cannot recall life before you. We love you and are so thrilled to watch you grow and reach those anticipated milestones such as sitting up, crawling, walking, and...talking. I look forward to all the wonderful memories to come!

As for this past month.... let's chat.

You are a great sleeper. To an exent. I could write a whole post about this to elaborate a little more, but I will just throw out a few details of your sleeping patterns here. Since birth, you have loved to sleep. We used to worry that you slept "too much" and even ventured to google to see if this was normal. The reason I say, to an extent, is because you are a funny little guy. You will sleep amazing if you are in our arms, or laying next to us in bed. The bassinet? The crib? Wishy-washy. Sometimes you will sleep in the bassinet for 4-6 hours at a time. Day naps you have taken in the crib anywhere from 20-45 minutes. But the whole sleep through the night and take 3 hour naps? We are not there yet. We usually lay you down around 8-10. Then when you wake up in the middle of the night {usually around 2am}, I feed you and then we end up co-sleeping the rest of the night. As far as mama going back to work and you sleeping? It has been a rough one on your papa. As in you are up all night for him. Mainly because you hate the bottle and taking mama's milk through that. I know, you are a picky little guy. You much prefer the real deal. I guess I can't blame you.

And just like your papa, you LOVE to sleep in. Normally, E and I are up b 730, you on the other hand do not open those beautiful eyes of yours until roughly 845-9am.
Also, just like your papa {when he was a baby}, you are not a fan of a poopy diaper. Your sister could have cared less, but you, oh boy you get so fussy until we change you.

We have been trying to introduce the pacifier to you with no such luck. Not because you truly need it, but because it would help your papa when he has "papa duty" three nights a week while I'm at work. I do not think we will get it, and you know what, I'm okay with that. Your sissy hated the darn thing as well.

Speaking of going back to work... yup, it happened. And we all survived. It actually felt like I never left. Plus, it's pretty significant as it was the last place I was at before I had you baby doll.

You are though, thank goodness, doing much better with the bottle. Still not a fan.. but at least taking it... eventually.

Speaking of feeding, you are doing wonderful. Breastfeeding during the day anywhere from every 2-3 hours. At night, you just wake up for one feeding. Mama has been pumping every morning once to stash away in the freezer and 3 times a night at work. In othe words, you have a lot of "gold" saved up in our fridge.

You have been smiling so much more this past month. You can definitely recognize your mama and papa, and your sister of course, and you throw these contagious smiles at us that it simply melts me to pieces. This is just the beginning of your personality unfolding, and we are loving every second of it.

You are coming around with this whole bath situation. You are liking it more and more. You aren't quite the fan of it as your sister was, but I imagine this too will change over time. I'm actually looking forward to your first bath with your sissy.

You are getting into your toys more. Will lay on the play mat for extended periods of time and stare at the different toys. When I put Sophie the giraffe in your face you start to smile. Which reminds me...I cannot wait to hear your giggle.

Little guy, little man, little monster, baby boy, and baby brother continue to be your common names. We really need to incorporate your real name on a daily basis. You know, Graham.
Still remain to be a great "go-with-the-flow" little man. By that, I mean, you go everywhere with us, and 90% of the time you just sleep right through it. Through gymnastics. Toddler time. Children's museum. Grocery trips. And so forth.

I know I am missing so much, and I'll be back adding things as they come to mind. In the meantime, we are overjoyed to have you in our lives and you have truly, I can't say this enough, made life with four seem so easy.

We love you, forever, and ever, to infinity and beyond,

Mama, Papa, and big sissy E.


  1. I seriously can't believe that it has been three months already! Time definitely flies!

  2. Rio hates poopy nappies too, least i know straight away whe he's done one. He's so cute!! Time flies

    WTPP - The little lady with a baby!

  3. He looks JUST ike you and A LOT like his big sister! I always love reading stories of BFing working moms. Nursing is so much easier than pumping, but it is certainly worth it!

  4. they do grow up so fast...why u think i've got 6 bhahaha

    as for the binky...omg...my last 3 refused them....finally with #6 i was determined to make that sucker take a binky...before he was born we brought them all out...after he was born we tried..nothing...


    now #5 child starting at 20m TAKES A BINKY..ALL THE TIME.
    Really child? I tried for months and months and now when you shouldn't have one you do. I actually didn't force to take it away...it made putting him down at night so much easier. i'm still nursing #5 also...so now i can read to him..nurse him for a few mins...pop his binky in and put him in his crib so i can rush off to nurse #6 to bed

    but i feel your pain...if they could comfort themselves with the binky (esp when u are at work) they could calm easier when someone else is holding them!!

  5. So handsome :)What Lyla also was refusing a bottle for hubby. We tried 5 different bottles with no luck....until a friend recommend hubby make sure the bottle was "hot" obvi not too hot, but she takes it now :)before it would take him over an hour to feed her as she played with it.

  6. So handsome :)What Lyla also was refusing a bottle for hubby. We tried 5 different bottles with no luck....until a friend recommend hubby make sure the bottle was "hot" obvi not too hot, but she takes it now :)before it would take him over an hour to feed her as she played with it.

  7. Graham is adorable! He reminds me of our Abe... Abe is a great sleeper when we're holding him! ;) I really don't mind, though, because you know how fast they grow up! Sounds like they're about on the same eating schedule. Abe loves the bath, but only after we took the net out after the first time! I sure wish he'd travel like Graham... He doesn't like the car seat and he stays awake a lot when we're out and about! :) It's fun watching these little fellas growing!


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