Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some tid-bits on Elliana {28 months}

We won't call this a "monthly update" post, since I promised I wouldn't do those after she turned two. I also promised that I would never count after "24 months." Yup. Then again, I promised not to buy chocolate chips ever again because I just eat them by the handful.

So. About those promises?
What's going on with E these days......

Hey baby girl....

We recently purchased you a baby stroller and you have become obsessed with the thing. In fact, the first day that you had it, you pushed that thing around everywhere with you. You tried to also stuff every animal you owned into it. Needless to say, mama has also bought a "baby bed" for you and cannot wait to see the look on your face when it comes.

You love boots. You comment on the boots that other people are wearing {grandma, mama, auntie, and so forth}. You also love your own boots and putting them on. You will take them out of your closet and put them on and say "look mama, look at me boots."

Your baby brother? You adore. You kiss on him so much. You stroke his hair. You lay down on the play mat. You ask him to play with you. You even tried to breastfeed him. Yes, true story. I know I must be making you blush right now. But picture this. You, sitting on your bedroom floor, while Graham lays there. You lift your shirt up, then proceed to lean down and tell him "eat baby brother, eat." I couldn't {but could} believe what I was seeing.

Lately, you have this sneaky smile when you have something in your hand that you aren't supposed to, or a snack that you snuck out of the pantry.. But you come to me first, which I think is funny.

Love to help mama crack eggs when she's cooking. Love to especially help me cook.

Playing "house" with the animals. Pushing them in the stroller. Tucking them in. Maybe this has to do with the baby coming, no?

Music. You love it. You love to listen to the pandora station with mama and dance. You also love to play your piano that you have and you use this kitchen spatula as your "fake keyboard" while you sing. It has got to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Some if your favorite songs to sing: We belong together, If you're happy and you know it, twinkle little star, you are my sunshine, wheels on the bus, row row row your boat.

Something your papa and I cherish is the time when you wake up. Although there have been a few times that you have woken up super upset, the majority of the time you sneak up on us with that ridiculous bed head, rosy cheeks, and the biggest smile on your face as you say in the sweetest voice ever, "Hi mama. Hi papa." I literally scoop you up and drown you with kisses. You taste so sweet. So warm. And then, as always, we ask you... "Did you have sweet dreams baby?" In which you reply, "Ya mama {or papa}" and then we ask "Well, what did you dream about," and as always... you say..."Silly goose, Ma, I dream about Caillou." We giggle each time.

Speaking of sleep... you are doing wonderful! You lay down by yourself now for naps {after mama reads to you}, and night time you still need mama to lay down with you... but you rarely wake up in the middle of the night, and if you do, its only once. Fingers crossed this pattern continues...

Food. You are doing wonderful in this department. Eating just about everything we give you, and I am so proud of your diet and how well you do with various foods. Of course you have your "favorites" which are pretty classic for all kids: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pancakes and waffles, grilled cheese, mac n cheese, yogurt and granola, and cottage cheese with preserve. Those are your special treat days when you get those. You are also finally liking chicken {yes}.

When Carson ran away a couple times while going potty you yelled at him to "Come back" then pats him and says "Good boy, come get treat"

Continue to LOVE to read. So much. Now though you are really enjoying reading to yourself these days. And the books that we read every night to you? You read right back. You have them memorized and it has to be the cutest thing ever. Some of your favorite books are: I love you through and through, Uh-Oh-Calico, 10 tiny tickles, How Do I love you, and all our library books we get every where. You obsess over.

Love craft time. Gluing. Painting. Coloring.

Also, very into sticker books. We have been working on your "listening" and using the stickers as a reward. Once you reach 10 you get a chocolae chip. This seems to work. For the most part.

So smart. I know I know. Every parent thinks their kid is so smart. I think you are so smart because I am so proud of how much you have learned, how much you continue to learn, and how much you love our little "school time sessions" and random learnings throughout the day. More random now than ever. It is amazing that you recognize all the letters of the alphabet, both lowercase and uppercase, and even the sounds. We will be spelling before we know it... ha. You sentences are so thought out, and it is just so fun to communicate with you. You have quite the opinion these days... and this, well this, makes us giggle.

Outside is where you shine. You can kick a soccer ball so well. I cannot wait to get you into soccer. And no, your mama never did play. Your papa was a goalie though his senior year of college. I think he's just as excited as I am to watch you play one day.

Terrible twos? Knock on wood... but they haven't been so terrible. Not at all. Not one bit. The first month after you turned two, I think, was the toughest. Now, we have learned how to deal with your tantrums. We have incorporated a listening chart, that works {sometimes}, we do the time out, and of course we take toys away. Slowly, but surely, we are getting the hang of this "two" stage and I think you are too.

As much as I hate to watch you grow up and be less of a baby, I absolutely love all these different stages and developmental milestones that we are reaching with you. It is so amazing to have you wrap your arms around us, tell us how you are feeling, give us kisses volunatarily, and tell us how much you love us.

"How much, baby?"

"Soooo much, mama."

"How much is so much?"

...."Infinity amount."


  1. She is just the most gorgeous little girl! And no mama can be too proud of her baby!

  2. She is the cutest! I love these update posts so that I can see what to expect with my little one! So fun! :)

  3. Such a cutie! I'm dying that she tried to breastfeed Graham, that's hilarious!

  4. She is so cute! I love her blonde hair. I am hoping my daughter's hair turns blonde.

  5. Love how much she loves her new baby brother :) it is just too precious.

  6. I love this update!! I regret not keeping up with my letters to Jane. I felt like I would remember everything, but its all getting foggy as each month brings something new to her life and ours. E is adorable!!!

  7. She's getting so big! I love her hair up in ponytails/buns!
    We never had the terrible twos. It was the threes that were bad!


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