Sunday, March 24, 2013

This & That

Did this:

Yelled vulgar things at the weather. Because who wouldn't when the first day of spring consisted of 30 degree weather with a wind chill of 14. Seriously. This time last year? It was 80 degrees. I would even settle for 50 at this rate. 50 sounds great. Amazing. Almost bikini perfect weather. Almost.

Went to the Children's museum on Thursday with just the babies and I. Actually spent 3 hours there and it was lots of fun, as always. We have a membership and it has been worth every penny plus some. However, we also have a membership to the zoo as well.... and you know, it is kinda hard to go to the zoo when it's 25 degrees out. Just saying.

In the works for something big coming up for Mother's Day. Cannot wait to share the news :)

Planned our summer vacation! July can't come fast enough....

Instagrammed that:

Ordered this:

They are all coming from.. China. So we shall see. Seems kind of... "sketch"

Cooked that:

Mayo-Clinic Turkey Burgers. Well not exactly new, as we have made them before in the past. However, new to me sharing them here on the blog. We love turkey burgers.

Anyone ever try to the Trader Joe's Organic "Vodka Sauce?" We had it with wheat pasta this week for the first time and it was really really good. Just throwing that out there.

So are the Trader Joe's chocolate covered frozen bananas. Divine.

Read this:

A great article on starting a blog and how to build it. Now, I never did any of the extreme things like submitting my posts to all these different websites, mainly due to time constraints, however the networking part has some helpful tips. I actually have a post scheduled on "How to Start a Blog"... but I don't think it is due for another couple weeks. Might be worth pushing it forward.

Shot that:

Videotaped this:
Elliana got this bike after little G man was born. However, because of the weather being so crummy, we have not been able to really break it in outside. She has only been on it a few times, would get the concept if we helped her, but had not been able to do it on her own... until... now! Look at her go!


  1. That video is so cute! I'm so over this weather as well. I live in Jersey aand we're supposed to get MORE snow girls need to play outside! I'm over it

  2. As much as I love the Trader Joes bananas I like my own better! Cheaper to buy bananas and chocolate and make them on my own than it is to keep going to Trader Joes.

  3. Girl this wild weather is killing me! I went out of town and packed for spring and now I'm freezing lol:)

  4. As always..loving these posts! :)

    She is absolutely adorable on that bike!!


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