Thursday, March 21, 2013

Life with Three Babies Business

They are napping.
The rugrats.
All three of them.
At the same time.

Three you ask? Why yes, three.

My nephew came over last night to spend the night, and I took on the responsibility of of three kiddos all by myself today. Last night was interesting. Dinner. Baths. Story time. Tucking them in. You know with the baby, it's one thing. Babies are different than toddlers. With another human sized Elli version of a boy running around, makes it different.

I wouldn't say it was bad. Not at all. I wouldn't even say that it was hard or more complicated. Not really. But it was just... different. More busy? Not sure. Just a different kind of routine. That's the best way I could describe it. More talking. More running. More "please eat your dinner." More toddler stuff.

We woke up at the usual time that G and E normally wake up {6:00 for me, and about 7:30 for them}. Everyone got changed, faces washed, diapers changed, teeth brushed, clothes changed {have I mentioned the amount of changing that was done}, and makeup on. The makeup part being for me, obviously. Everyone obliged and ate breakfast. For the most part, everyone listened when I said "don't run, walk please" and "stop banging" and "be nice." And we even squeezed in a stinkin ridiculous looking rabbit craft that was a big hit with the big kids.

You know, it truly gave me a glimpse of what life with three would look like. Because in reality, whenever that time comes, Elliana will probably be around my nephew's age. Graham would be around Elliana's age. And well, unknown baby number three, would be present day Graham's age. Have I confused you a bit?

They are napping.

Let's just get right back to that first sentence.

Three. Different aged kiddos are napping. Now, it took some time. Graham in my arms while I read Elliana some library books. And by some, I mean 8. Then trying to put her back in bed, kiss after kiss, telling her it's nap time {yes, you heard me, we are trying out the whole... Elliana naps by herself deal}. We did that process for a bit. All while my nephew was in the guest room in there wide awake. But in bed.

Then I discovered that it would just be easier to let them sleep in the same room together. Now, I knew this could go two ways. Success or disaster. I took my chances.

And I'm happy to report that within 20 minutes {and many "please put your head back down on the pillow" through the video monitor later} they are napping.

And G? Passed out on me.

They are napping.

And there you have it. The one crucial part of a mama's day. Naps. At least for me that is. So much so, that I just devoted an entire blog post to three kids napping.

When in reality, what I really meant to say was, yes I think we will definitely have another. God willing.

And obviously, I have Graham's stamp of approval. Thumbs up ma.


  1. I almost asked in your "ask me anything" post is you wanted to have more! I guess I know the answer now.

  2. At least you got to do a trial run just to see what it was like! :) How old is your nephew?

  3. I love the two way talk on that monitor. I think it actually works to get my daughter to sleep faster. She now knows I won't be coming in her room to give her a blankie or a drink, or a kiss, or to whatever. Love it!


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