Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Some Questions Answered: Sleep, Weekly Schedule, Challenge of Two

Every week I will be answering some questions that were asked in my "Ask Me Anything" Post. The reason that it is only a few a week is because of the fact that they are 1. great questions and 2. I talk a lot. A lot, a lot. And therefore, it's hard for me to answer a question in a sentence or two.

Today though, we will focus on the questions related to my sleep/weekly schedule.

When do I sleep.

Ah, yes, the million dollar question. First, lets just throw this out there: I do sleep. And I sleep fairly well. Now the amount? Not sure if it is normal or not. To me it seems normal? I do not ever feel tired, worn out, or as if I am depriving my body of sleep. Again, normal? Probably not. But it works. And although it, my sleep, may be all over the place, I still feel as though I get the adequate amount {for the week}.

So when exactly do I sleep? On the nights that I work, I will nap with the babies. That means all three of us, in bed, napping at the same time. This averages about 2 hours, and sometimes, if I get lucky, I have gotten 3 hours out of them.

I will also nap on my 1 hour break at work. Then I come home and do it again {nap} if I work that next consecutive night. If I don't, then sometimes I won't nap {even though I know I should}, and just use that as my personal time.

Then when I am off work {4 nights a week}, then I will try to catch up on sleep that was missed during those 3 nights that I worked. I think overall, I probably get more sleep than one thinks, its just spaced out and all over the place.

So yes, I do sleep. It's just not exactly on the conventional schedule.

My weekly Schedule:

I'm going to try to make this answer as brief as possible, because in reality, I could devote a whole post to this and really break it down for you. But I will instead share the gist.

I work 3 nights a week---> It's different every week--->Mandatory every 3rd weekend.
I try to schedule myself on 1, off 2, then work 2.
Off 4 nights a week {aka catch up sleep time}.
I'm with my babies all 7 days.
On the nights that I work I try to have everything ready for Andrew from pajamas and diapers laid out, to their day outfits for the next morning, and wash clothes to wash their fashes in the morning and brush E's teeth.

If I worked the night before, Andrew and I will meet in the mornings at one of our designated spots {depending on how late I get out} so we can switch cars. He gets mine. I get his {with the precious cargo inside}.

Tuesdays we have Toddler time from 10-11.

Saturdays are devoted to a sport or activity Elliana partakes in. Last 3 months it was gymnastics, and coming up next week we will have 3 months of dance/ballet. As she gets older, we plan on adding a music and art class on top of a sport, but we will evaluate as we go as to not to overwhelm her.

And Sundays will be devoted to Church in the morning and Sunday School for the kiddos {a post coming on that}, and that is when we do our meal planning for the week and grocery shopping.

As far as what our days are filled with: We try to do 1 hour of school time {may be broken down} throughout the day, where we focus on flashcards, magnets, extended conversations, and crafts. We try to read around 10 books a day {some may be repeated}. Thirty minutes to an hour of TV {super why or leap frog learning}. And at least 30-60 minutes of outside {weather permitting} or running errands {to keep our sanity}. Otherwise, the rest of the time during the day is spent playing, household chores, and cooking. I sound like a housewife here.....

I plan on doing another "Day in the Life" post like I had prior to Graham's arrival, however, until then, this will do.

What has been the most challenging with bringing home Baby #2:

I think the most challenging has definitely been trying to meet two needs at the same time. Two very I-need-you-now-needs. You know that time when both babies wake up from the nap, big girl E starts crying because she woke up too early and wants nothing but her mama. So I pick her up. Little man G then chimes in becauses, well, he's hungry and probably wet and needs me in that way. I have learned ways to get Elliana calmed down as fast as possible, shower with her as many kisses, hugs, and love, and divert her attention to something fun or something she enjoys so I can quickly scoop up the little guy and make him feel comforted and loved as well.

Sometimes, you know, us moms could really use an extra pair of hands on our bodies. Seriously.

Next week, we will focus on more questions: Nursing Related.

Feel free to go to original post if you would like to add onto the questions!

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