Friday, March 8, 2013

Some Random Facts About Me.

I'm a mess in the kitchen. My husband reminds me this on a daily basis. He says that one day he will kick me out of the kitchen for good. Ha. And then who would make his meals?

I'm scatter brained at times. I want to do ten million projects. I want to take on so many "Fabulous" ideas. I'll start this. Then go to that. And next thing I know, I didn't get one thing done on my to-do list.

I am a big homebody. I mean big. Yet I love to go out and do stuff with my little family. As far as getting together with friends? It's hard for me to do that. To take time away from my family and do something with just girls. Or even a couples thing. I know with time, I will learn that this is actually important, for both Andrew and I, but for now? While my kiddos are little? It's hard.

Growing up, we went on a family vacation every summer. Because of this? It is so important that Andrew and I do this with our children. And we have. And we will continue to no matter what down the road. I am already getting excited for this years vacation.

I love to save money. I know I know, nothing new. But seriously, I love it. When I find great deals or find ways to make money back from an affiliate program or what not, I get excited and I tell the whole world about it. And by the whole world, I mean my family.

I love to spend money. Sadly, this is true. I love to shop. Again, I won't buy anything full price {just about}, but I sure do love to buy things. A lot of things. Too many things.

I am not artistic or crafty. I have come to terms with this. You see, I try to do those pinterest projects. Truly, I try. The problem is? I don't have a great attention span, nor patience for things. I want to be done, and I want the results before I even get started. Because of this? Most of my projects come out sloppy.

I love to drink water, but my problem is that I will open one, place it somewhere, and then go to open another one. At the end of the day you will find 4+ water bottles around the house. Half empty.

I hate titling my blog posts. Sometimes I don't figure out a title until I actually finish writing. Sometimes it's changed ten times before I pick one. Sometimes even after it has posted.

Like this one.
I totally should have titled it... "I confess.".... again.

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