Sunday, March 17, 2013

This & That

Did this:

Got my haircut. Got 5 inches cut off. Husband came home only to say... "I thought you were getting your hair cut?" Seriously? Are all men this oblivious?

Went back to work. A post to come on this.

Had three babies to watch at one time. No worries, one on this as well.

Had our last week of gymnastics! It was great. All 10 weeks of it. We videotaped it yesterday and I'm hoping to put a video together. Hoping. 

Signed Elliana up to ballet/tap classes. We start the first weekend April. After this class, we will be signing her back up for gymnastics again. She really excels in it. But next time, it will be solo. I know, sad, right.

Instagrammed that:

Bought this: 

Von Maur was having a huge sale so I stocked up on blouses that were 50-75% off! I think they are going to be doing these "blowout sales" every wednesday.  I also ran out of makeup {almost} so I purchased my favorite clinique powder and my estee lauder foundation that I use.

Scrubs and beyond solid shirts for work. Pink, Black, and Grey. Nurses, beware, they are awesome! They are very form-fitting. Very long. And just plain perfect, in my opinion.

Cooked that:
 No new recipes this week, just some old faithfuls. I did, however, make a double batch of the homemade granola and this time decided to throw in flaxseed. For the single batch it would be half a cup ground flax seeds, however for the double size I used 1 cup. Couldn't tell the difference. That and I used less brown sugar... husband said it tasted "healthier" this week...  but things get in his head and he believes them even if not true.

Shot this:

Scheduled that:
A letter to my daughter after her first heart break
Elliana tid-bits
I choose happiness
Letting go
$50 Blessed Life giveaway

Videotaped this:

  Read this:

A great article on Top Perfume Choices For Her :Breaks down the different brands to how they may appeal to certain women. Very interesting, and definitely will be trying a new brand!

Happy St. Patty's Day! And Happy B-day to my Sis-in-law!


  1. my husband never notices if I got a haircut, no matter how much I cut off.

  2. Ha! I just posted a blog entry with THE same exact title. Love to read your blog!

  3. Last time I got my hair highlighted, I came home and my husband said wow it's a lot darker. wow..

  4. Aww I'm sorry hubs didn't notice you cut your hair!! :(

  5. Love the video of the little man! :) Have similar ones of our Abe! :)

  6. I hear you on the hair! I recently dyed my hair from very very blonde to very very dark brown. My husband noticed, but not one single other person has.


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