Thursday, March 7, 2013

This & That

Because I have so many scheduled posts, I feel like sometimes I don't get a real update on this little space. That things get updated late or never get published at all because I just can't squeeze them in. And because I don't have the time to dedicate full recaps on things... I'd like to sometimes briefly update my little "recap" of things I did, read, pictures I took, and products I'm loving. Let's see how long this idea lasts.

Last week I....

Did this: Booked my trip to Vegas. Vegas, you ask?! What's in Vegas? Great question! Well. It won't be my husband and children. Shocker, I know. In fact, I don't know the last trip that I took without my husband. Now that I think about it... the answer has been never. Before we started dating? 7 years ago? And the only time I have left Elliana was for my SIL's Destination Wedding 2 years ago. So this? This is a big deal.

And to answer your question... It's for a Bachelorette Party! Might I add... I am going with a bunch of party animals. Might I also add... I am no longer the party animal I once was in College. Might I also add... none of these girls have ever had a baby. Yet alone two. Which means? I better not be the "Mom" of the group. So. Jillian Michaels... kick my butt. Cookies? We must part ways. If only I could stick to this....

Read that: I've been reading a lot into foods. Ever since we decided to switch our eating habits a couple years ago,  I'm always intrigued about articles related to food.  Harvard published a great article on whole grains, an easy read, and totally got me thinking.

Snapped this: 

Bought that: New place mats for Elliana: Summer Infant Tiny Diner, Pink. These are awesome. Non-skid, best invention ever. More of our favorite forks and spoons for her: OXO Tot Fork and Spoon Set, Aqua . Some spring dressed and shirts from Zulilly.And lastly,  Target mint skinnies and white skinnies----AMAZING. Truly. The fit was perfect, and the husband {who hates colored jeans} said he loved them. That's big guys.
Except... you would never catch me wearing shoes like that

Instagrammed This:

Cooked that: A lot of our favorite go-to recipes as well as some new ones this week. New ones included: Homemade GranolaHealthy Cookies. Stuffed bell peppers {recipe on blog last Saturday}. Rosemary whole chickenSkinny Chicken Cordon Bleu.

I was surprised that with all the new recipes I loved every single one except for the healthy cookies. Wait, why would that be a surprise? Healthy Cookies? The name sounds terrible. And honestly... the first cookie was okay? The rest? Went to the trash.

Our top two favorites? The chicken cordon bleu {husband is begging for me to make again} and the Homemade granola<----- husband's co-workers who had some are asking for the recipe as well. It's seriously that good. I have to say, I didn't use the raisins and added chopped walnuts after it baked! We have been eating it everyday! I love that I am finding recipes for our favorite foods and that I know exactly what is going in them.

That, and, E and I enjoy cooking together. G just watches. For now.

Videotaped This:


  1. Ahhh...I remember the days, all to well, of bring the only mommy in the bunch! Your inner party animal will find it's way to the surface, no doubt!

    Love Elli singing...she's such a cutie. Her facial expressions are priceless!!!

  2. I like your post of updates, sometimes it's so difficult to remember it all. Beautiful blog xx

  3. I was the first one of my friends to have kids, so I was the only mommy in the group a lot. I was still able to hold my own ;)Also love that video, what a cutie!!!

  4. I hope you have fun in Vegas!
    Those placemats are THE best!

  5. That video is THE cutest EVER! :) It's daughter does the exact same thing with her Dora guitar. She runs over and presses the button and sings along with it!!

    I'm loving those jeans, too! Would love to see what top you pair them with!! :)

  6. Hope you don't end up being the Mom of the group! Let your hair down a little and have fun! I've never been to Vegas & would looove to go!
    & I'm scared to try colored jeans, haha. I'm afraid I won't be able to pull them off. But those mint ones are pretty!

  7. Ah I LOVE this. You should start a link-up to this! I'd be so down! And Vegas?! Heck yes. I've never been but it's on my to do list. The to do list that I never seen to cross anything off. And man I ned to learn form your cooking skills!


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