Monday, March 4, 2013


As I sit here watching my husband in the kitchen with our daughter coloring, the little guy sleeping on my chest, and rascall flatts playing on the bose, I can't help but sit here and think.

And yet, at the same time, not. Just let my mind wander. Take me to a place of solitude. Peace. Contentment.

It's a Sunday. Super bowl Sunday. I got very little sleep last night. From 12 to 7 am, I was up every hour. Essentially, I was up all night. From one baby needing me to the next, it was like a domino effect. As soon as Elliana would fall asleep and I would sneak out of her room, the baby would wake up to be fed. By the time he dozed off, I would hear my big girl crying for me again. I'd poke Andrew on his shoulder. A couple hard pokes. "Wake up, watch the baby," I'd whisper to him loudly. And then I'd run off to her room, hold her, and watch her drift into a deep sleep. Then I'd tip-toe out of there. Praying not to wake her.

Domino effect. One after the other.

But for whatever reason, I woke up {eh, got up} feeling refreshed and ready to make this day a great one.

I love when I have these days. When I feel all energized and yearning for the need to feel accomplished. They don't happen every day. I can't even say that the happen often. But when they happen? I immediately smile and get a little excited feeling in my tummy.

I scooped Elliana up, put the baby boy on Andrew's chest, closed the door behind us and snuck out of the room. Together, the two of us made her bed. Put the laundry away that that had been sitting around for a couple days in the baskets in the hallway. Organized the little guy's closets and drawers... much overdue. We walked down the stairs holding hands. Giggling. Counting our steps...

"1..2...3...4...20." One of Elliana's new things is she counts really fast and once she gets to 15, she skips and says TWENTY! All proudly. And it never fails... it cracks us up each and every time.

The kitchen showed signs of a family that had dinner. I started the coffee machine and began the process of cleaning the dishes. Ran the washer. Started folding laundry. With the help of my little mini-assistant. She absolutely loves to do laundry. "Helping. Helping you mama," she beams at me. "Yes baby, you're the best helper ever," I reply. Because she is. Because I don't care how many times she misses the dryer as she's flinging all the wet clothes from the washer. She's with me. Right here. On this earth. 

By 9am, the two of us had turned on music and were having a dance party in the living room. Hubby came downstairs at this time with baby boy and immediately smiled. His girls, dancing. His home, clean. The sun, shining.

It's almost like a scene from a movie. That perfect.... even if it's just for a moment. Even if within the next two minutes we may have a tantrum, or the baby start screaming, the dog barking, or anything that life wants to throw at us. For now. For this moment of time, it's nice.

It's just plain nice to have those little moments of "perfection" that remind us of what life is truly all about.

And reflecting on it now, makes me smile. Makes me emotional. Thank you post-pregnancy hormones. Makes me feel every bit of blessed that one can feel.

I am blessed. This family is my blessing. My reason for breathing. My reason for living.

And so I sit here and think about nothing but this moment and life that I have been given. The children that I get to call my own. The home that puts a roof over our heads. And the husband that I get to grow old with as our days turn into months, and our months into years.

Time. It's flying right by us.


  1. You're an incredible writer. This post was extremely inspirational. Loved it!

  2. Such a beautiful post. You always remind me to be present in my life and enjoy the moment. Thank you!


    U must check this page!!

  4. Love this. I wrote a post today about those moments as well. Very blessed.

  5. What a beautiful and heartfelt post, :)

    ~ Noelani

  6. What a fantastic post. I have two little ones myself so this post really hit home with me :) - love to follow your blog!

  7. You are such a great writer! Great post and it definitely hits home. Very blessed!

  8. Just what I needed right now... Thank you for helping me remember how perfect it all really is.

  9. In absolute love with this post. Makes me wish my 5 year old was not in school so I could hold his hand and stare at the baby together.

  10. sweet photos!

    i can so relate to the domino effect...after 6 kids i realize they all do that....i can sit in the rocking chair nursing the baby at night and see the lights on the 'other' monitor (my dresser of monitors reminded me of your IG the other day) and sure enough i see the lights going crazy. I mean really? how on earth does that child to know to wake up at THIS exact moment.

    a mommy works is never done...even when our eyes close!

  11. Gorgeous post & photo's. I love those days, where you just want to get out of bed regardless of the time and get out there doing things :) magical!


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