Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Deal Alerts

1. Zulily
Great sale on a few of my favorite things. I made sure to buy these this morning when I saw the kind of sales that they had going on. For instance, the jewelry sale. I have now added another bracelet to my collection.

The squeaky shoes that Elliana adores {as do we }, I made sure to get her another pair. The animal print ones :)  . No worries, I also made sure to pick up my baby boy a pair as well. Although he won't be wearing them until he starts walking. Nothing like planning ahead.

 Lastly, I picked up a couple more backpacks because how cute are they? Right. Right!
E already has the ladybug one 
And then I'm drooling over these dresses for next summer. No worries, I can still make an additional order tonight and not pay a dime for shipping.
You can check out the deals here. Signing up is free, and be sure to get daily alerts as to what the deals of the day are. They change every day!

2. Totsy
The blowout sale is still going on for those that have not taken advantage of it! Some items are up to 90% off! I picked up 28 items for a grand total of $92, I believe. That's a slam dunk if I do say so myself.

A lot of toddler dresses for $3-5. Girls dresses. A lot of shoes for $1.50-$2.50. Women's dresses for $8.00 and so forth.

You have to check it out! But be warned, things are going FAST! Like the Coach sunglasses I tweeted about yesterday? They were gone in hours!

Just like zulily, you can sign up here. It's free. Get daily deal alerts!

They did it again. An amazing canvas deal, except this time? It's bigger than ever before! 
A 20x24 size canvas with FREE SHIPPING for only $35.00. Hold on, it gets better. The more you buy the more you buy the more you save! Buy 2, and it will cost 65. BUY FOUR AND IT'S ONLY 99! That is four 20x24 prints with free shipping. Lets do the math. $25.00 per canvas? 

Yes, please! Christmas is right around the corner. You know all those grandparents are just dying for a large portrait of your children. Or yourselves :) .

*If it doesn't show up as the deals of the day for your town, change your location to Indianapolis. That city still has deals left! {doesn't matter if you don't actually live there} 


  1. Kaylee has that ladybug backpack and loves it and so does everyone at school

  2. When I have kids I have no idea how I'm going to say no to buying things for them!

  3. Ahhhh!! Seeing these deals makes me want to shop!!!!!

  4. This sounds so awesome!! will definitely be signing up! they should give you something for referrals!!

  5. Thank you for this deal alert. Just ordered Bella the ladybug bag as a Christmas present. Love it!:)


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