Friday, September 28, 2012

Life Lately. All sorts of updates.


*We had a garage sale last weekend and it was a huge success. I made a couple hundred {hello new fall clothes for Elliana}, and I sold barely anything. Which means? I have tons more left over when our neighborhood has another one in the Spring. Honestly, it was so nice to just sit out there with my mama and chit chat. Very nice.

*Which reminds me, I know I promised an Elliana blog sale of all her amazing items... but guys... life has been so busy around these parts that after just going through a stash of clothes {taking pictures and pricing}, I realized how time consuming it was and how it probably wasn't worth it? What I think I'm going to be doing is putting up a few pieces instead of everything. No date yet. It's honestly at the bottom of my to-do list {which happens to be the size of Texas}.

*I have been doing a lot of shopping lately. I mean a lot. So much so that it is deja-vu all over again with the UPS guy {no worries, I learned to put on appropriate clothing before opening the door. wink}  being at my house on a daily basis. What this also means is that deals of the week is going to be coming back very soon. Remember when I did this last year in preparation for the holidays to let all my readers know of the fabulous deals going on? Welp. It's happening again! Hope you all are as excited as I am. Also? Fall decorating is in full swing.

*I am working on an amazing project/link-up coming up for my blog. It involves 3 other beautiful mamas and a way for all mama's to connect. Remember my "meet this mama" features that I had? Well it's something around the lines, except it will happen all at once and everyone is invited. Oh I just cannot wait to share the details!

*Pregnancy has been going wonderful. I am now 25.5 weeks! Almost in my third trimester! No bump attack post this week as I have so many blog posts that are scheduled and in much need of being posted. They are so dated it's getting bad. However? I'm thankful I have them!

*My BFF Jody is flying in to stay with me this weekend! I pick her up at the airport on Friday {technically today when this post is scheduled} and I can't tell you how excited I am! I told her that I am going to be waiting for her with roses and balloons.... how embarrassing right?! HA! Don't put it past me. I SO would. We have some fun stuff planned this weekend... but mainly lots of girl time and shopping. What else do you need!

*We have been park obsessed now that the weather has cooled down. So much so that we are there almost every day! And for about an hour- an hour and a half. We love it. And I absolutely adore this age where Elliana soaks it all in. She is such a toddler. Here are some pictures below of a park day. Tell me these don't make you smile :)

*We are basically done with the BIG GIRL ROOM! My husband is fabulous and took the day off yesterday and we got so much stuff done. I'm talking the big dresser painted, the bookcase painted, all transferred upstairs. All that is left? Buying a large mirror and putting up a couple frames. Which means? A big reveal on the blog. I know I know, I've only been talking about it for 5 years!

*I am almost to my third trimester. Did I mention that already? Ah, yes, I did. I'm just still in so much shock I have to keep repeating that to myself.... someone... hold on.

*Did I mention that I have been doing  a lot of shopping lately? Oh yes? I did? Ah, ha. So you see, a lot of this shopping has also been for Elliana. Shocker. This is how the vicious shopping cycle works...I place an order through Baby Gap for about 6 items. That order comes. I put these clothes on Elliana and fall in love....only to be reminded that the sale is still going on....only to catch myself back on the Baby gap placing another order. And then I decide I want more. So I place another. And then I forgot something, so I had more. 3 orders later and my daughter has a whole new Baby Gap fall wardrobe. Here is a sneak peek of the outfit that started it all.... it's a domino effect.

*And if that isn't enough cuteness/brain overload than I don't know what is.

*P.S. I have an amazing target gift card giveaway going on below and ANOTHER one next Tuesday. You lucky dogs you.

*Also just added 2 new Advertising options! Check them out before they are gone. And as an incentive, I'll give 30% off to the first two to purchase this spot: use code: 30off

Happy Friday Guys! I am off to enjoy an amazing weekend with an amazing mama!


  1. A couple hundred dollars?!! That is amazing!! We keep planning to do a garage sale but keep having to postpone it! Boo!!

    Your shopping posts created shopping/fashion posts for me and Olivia!!! Haha I placed orders on baby gap and old navy! I had to give up shopping at target for 2 weeks (almost done with week 1!!) but SO worth it!! We got Olivia's first shipment from gap yesterday and it all made me want to place ANOTHER order!!! Haha

    LOVE all of your fall decor! I am planning on busting mine out this weekend!! :)

    Can't wait to see what this link-up is about!!! :)

    Have a great weekend with Jody!! :)

  2. busy bees! :)

    pretty decorations! I really need to start selling some of Breannas clothes as well.

    I cant wait to see E`s big girl room!

    I love the cute outfit on E. Yay for almost to third exciting

    hope you have a fabulous weekend w your bff!

  3. Oh my goodness gracious, I am loving that outfit on E. So stinkin' cute!

  4. Her outfit is absolutely precious. I cannot wait to see how you dress the little man!

  5. you made that much money at a garage sale? holy crap! I only ever make like $50, $100 at the most lol.

    And OMG Elliana looks so cute in that outfit!!!! like seriously!

    the sweet life of a southern wife

  6. loveee baby Gap! I got some of the cutest things for Kie there this fall! I love E's lil blonde bun and Nikes, playing in the park! she's too cute...<3

  7. Elliana is so adorable! The last 2 pictures are so precious!

    And love your fall decor! :) I need to finish getting ours out!

  8. OMG... those little boots and that little jacket are to die for! What an adorable (and fashion forward) little lady!

  9. That blazer, leggings, boot combo could NOT be any cuter, Becky!! Oh my word!!!! I need to start saving $$ NOW for my future children's wardrobes, lol!

    Looking forward to all the reveals, bump attacks, etc etc to come! You rock blog momma!! :)

  10. Oh my goodness, can she possibly get any cuter?!?!? I don't think so!! LOVE that last outfit and can see why you just keep shopping!

    Looks like she is having a blast at the park. So fun!

    Good job on the garage sale. I love making money sort of out of nowhere!

    Loving the bump!! Not long to go now! :)

  11. So adorable!

    I'm hosting a So Delicious giveaway here :)

  12. Oh my gosh, that outfit is BEYOND adorbs! We definitely have the same taste in clothes for our little girls:)

    Can not believe you made HUNDREDS at your garage sale. Seriously!? So jelly! This makes me want to kick my ass in gear to sell the huge pile of clothes that's taking over our hallway.

    Those fall decorations are beautiful, can't wait to see what this next huge link-up is going to be!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend with Jody!!:)

  13. That outfit on E, is just too cute to handle! Good job on the garage sale! and 25.5 weeks? baby teddy graham will be here before you know it. So exciting! Looks like E certainly enjoyed herself at the park. You take the most amazing pictures.

  14. I always love looking at all of your pictures. It encourages me to take more of my sweet boy before time escapes us. Love your little fashionista.

  15. That last outfit is the cutest thing I have ever seen a child wear. Love it! She is ridiculously adorable.

  16. That is a cute outfit! ;) I admit, I have a massive shopping problem when it comes to buying clothes for my girls!

  17. oh my gosh! that last fall outfit is to die for. she's such a gorgeous little girl!


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