Friday, September 21, 2012

23 & 24 week bump attack posts & New Necklace!


I'm kind of sort of throwing the two weeks together. I had both weeks typed up and done as well as pictures taken, but they just didn't quite make it on the blog. So. Today they do. Also, be sure to check out the pretty necklace {and details below} in the pictures.
23 weeks

Total weight gain: 10 lbs {compared to 23 the first pregnancy at this point}
Maternity clothes: None
Stretch marks: None
Feeling: Great, but very pregnant
Complaints: None
Belly button: Still in {barely}
Names: No idea
Gender: Definitely Boy!

Happenings this week: We went to a first birthday party on Sunday and it was so fun. Big sister was super shy at first {as she always is}, and when she finally let me put her down to play, she had to be by my side at all times. So when mama had to get up to get a cookie or brownie {yes, I said it}, she had a little mini anxiety attack. I'm not sure Teddy Graham how she will do with having to share mama.

Elliana does understand that "baby brother" is in mama's belly. We ask her to give her baby brother a kiss and she will walk over, but her hands around my belly {with me kneeling down} and plant a big one. It is by far on the cutest things I ever did see.

Husband is doing well. He is still nervous and anxious about our last news on the ultrasound about the white spot, but no worries Teddy Graham, mama has assure him plenty of times that everything will be okay. Just know, it's in your papa's nature to always overthink and overworry. That's because he already loves you so VERY much.

Appointment this week:
Coming up next week: Lots of working. Lots of playing. And lots of work on the big girl and nursery. Happy to report that the big girl is {almost done} and the nursery can then get our undivided attention. We have, however, already ordered the bedding set, curtains, and mobile for the little man, as well as the rug. BEFORE we have even decided the paint color.
Hey, it's how my brain operates :)

24 weeks:

Total weight gain: 11 lbs
Clothes: non-maternity
Stretch marks: none
belly button: still in

This week has been an overall good week. Again, very busy... but I don't see that changing anytime soon. I had work/work related things Monday-Thursday. Working on a blog design sometime this weekend. Have a garage sale on Saturday. And finishing up Elliana's room {I know, baby steps}.
I'd like to get Elliana's room done soon, so that I can go ahead and get started on our master bath, and then eventually start on the nursery. I feel like I am going to be in my 3rd trimester before we know it.
Oh wait, that's because I am. Only 3 weeks to go.

Moving right along. Big sister had her very first fever/cold. She had had the sniffles before, but never the whole runny nose/fever/crummy feeling. It was so pathetic to see her sick and it killed my mama heart. Needless to say, I am very grateful that we have gone this long without going through this befoe, because I don't do well with my baby not feeling well.

So what did we do? We layed around and watched re-runs of Caillou and bubble guppies. Ate left over banana cake. And snuggled and smooched on the couch. I love that girl.
Next appointment: October 15th and I will have the glucose test then!

And did you notice the pretty little necklace around my neck? Well that would be one of Grace Adele's new products. Grace Adele is a product of Scentsy {which I know you all have heard of}, and well now they have a jewelry/accessory/handbag line now, and beautiful mama Laura allowed me the opportunity to review this lovely product. It went perfect with my grey dress that I wore {to go car shopping in} and I have to say it is definitely something that I can throw together with a variety of outfits.

So have you checked it out? Have you heard of it? Be sure to browse around all the pretty new things they have to offer and get in contact with Laura to purchase your very own Grace Adele products :)


  1. The cuteness is killing me!! I just love your bump! You rock pregnancy hottie pants!!! Hope all is well! Tons of hugs and kisses for you all!

  2. I'm been absent from the blog world so long I didn't even know you were pregnant! Congrats!

  3. I was worried about how my daughter would adjust to not getting all my attention too, and although she has her moments, she has done really well with baby brother.

    You look great and I'm loving the necklace!

  4. You are just so darn cute! Love your perfectly round baby bump!!

  5. So cute. You are starting to bump out now. :) hope you continue to have an easy pregnancy. I hit 34 wks tomorrow and it's like since last week a light switch went off and it's been really uncomfortable for me. It comes and goes but one thing I always feel is intense pressure from this big ole bowling ball.

  6. you are adorable with that bump!

  7. You are literally THE most beautiful pregnant woman I've ever seen. You look flawless and I just can't even handle it ;) Glad you're feeling well. Been sending prayers your way!!

  8. Such cute posts! I love that you post pics & pregnancy updates the way you. So cute. The necklace is so georgeous! I will have to go check out the link you provided for more info.

  9. Love the bump as always and that necklace is super cute!

    Happy Friday Love!


  10. Glad you love the necklace. Thanks for the feature! :)

    Also, how on earth are you only at 11 lbs. gained? :P You look great!

  11. Happy friday mama!! Love reading your weekly progress updates!! I think once the baby comes E is going to be SO helpful with her little brother! :) One of the reasons I am nervous to have another is because I KNOW Olivia will be jealous! She gets mad when we play with her cousins! haha

  12. You just make me want more babies. You do pregnancy so beautifully!

  13. The cuteness of you being preggers is killing me! You would make a paper back look beautiful and rock it like nobodies business lol! I love that necklace! Teddy Graham is going to be just fine! You know the hubs had friends before he met me that were preggers and the Dr. had mentioned a maybe scenerio with them as well and they got freaked out and went to Cleveland Clinic and guess what the ultrasound was wrong and their baby is a very healthy bouncing baby boy! So you are doing great girl not worrying about it much, I would be like you just consoling the hubs and just knowing in my heart of hearts it will be ok! I love that you call Elli big sister. Do you know to this day my little bro calls me My Sister and has since he could talk and when he calls me Summer I know he's mad hahahahha! OK so Elli is def a momma's girl! Kelcee is too! I have been having seperation anxiety from Kindergarten ha! It's funny she's fine, I'm not so fine lol! I was wondering about putting my Sunshine Project on your bloggy here! I wanted to inquire about pricing, etc., will you email me chicka and give me the deets! Love you and the cuteness of you!


  14. You guys look adorable :) This bump is so cute!!

  15. I cannot get over the cuteness! Seriously, cutest bump ever! And, I love your dress!

  16. I'm so excited to see the room reveals. Your sneak peeks have me soooo curious!

  17. So beautiful and the necklace looks some century's back. 23 Weeks Pregnant With Twins


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