Saturday, September 15, 2012

Planning our 5 Year Anniversary- Room 77 -

As I have mentioned in the past, Andrew and I got married in Maui. Spent 9 days of our honeymoon in Maui. Took beautiful pictures in Maui. And had some of our best memories of our lives there. So needless to say, Maui holds a special place in my heart. So much so that I am already looking forward to the day we get to go back. Our 5 year anniversary is in a couple of years {less than two actually}, and how great would it be to be able to do the trip all over again.
So for planning purposes, I have turned to Room 77 to a plan a trip of a lifetime. And when planning a trip? One of the first things I look for is getting the best deal. I hope this doesn't come as a surprise to anyone out there that knows me. The deal queen. I want to make sure I am getting the best for my money. And room 77? Well it does just that.

As soon as I signed into the website to begin my search, I was instantly impressed with the little white box that had AAA membership discount. Triple A? Why yes, we have that. And yes, I would love to use that to get the special rates on the latest trips. Why yes, that is quite genius after all.

Another thing that I was pleasantly surprised with was the fact that once my search had generated, Room 77 also provided me with their marketplace partners' best prices. Hello! That saves me an extra trip to the 4 other websites I had in mind to see their quotes for the same exact trip. So the website that offers the most affordable right? Listed at the top. And then the list the others and their prices. Again, throw out a great deal AND a time saver at me, and I'm instantly hooked.

Lastly, I was hooked when I saw the different filters for free breakfast, free parking, free wifi. Anything with the word FREE before it definitely gets my attention. Right away. And having the option to search these options is never a bad idea. Especially when you have a very hungry pregnant lady on your hands.

Our future trip is planned. All I need now is time to speed up and our anniversary to get here already!

Never wonder whether you’ve gotten the best deal on your hotel room again. Check out Room 77 when planning your next travel adventure!

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  1. Maui has my heart too! :) That's where we spent our honeymoon! I can't wait to go back! We're sending my parents there for their 25th year anniversary! :) That would be an awesome 5 year trip!


  2. Now I bet that anniversary seems soooo far away ... Trip planning is almost as much fun as the actual trip!

  3. Thanks for the site tip for trip planning! Sounds like a great site! I love planning trips!!

  4. Did you stay at a resort?! WHICH ONE! ... we have yet to take our honeymoon (1.5 years later) and so maybe our 3/5 year anniversary we will go (2/3 kids later hahaha) Your post has me fantasizing RIGHT NOW!:)

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