Sunday, September 16, 2012

More Shopping deals!

Totsy does it again. Reels me in with all these ridiculous deals they have going on. Thank goodness
for some amazing store credit {and an extra long nap from the toddler}, otherwise I would be pleading with the husband to give me my credit card back. So, as always, I had to share these awesome deals with you guys as well. Shoes is the big theme here... which is good, because Elliana has outgrown hers!

Plus, if you are a  new member {membership is free}, you get free shipping on your first order!


  1. On a scale of 1 to Wrong, how wrong is it to buy baby clothes I probably won't use for 5 more years using the excuse, but you just never know if I'll find a deal like this again!!
    Super wrong?
    Or just kinda sorta a little bit wrong?

  2. Yay, got a pair of shoes for the little man...and a super cute outfit from mudpie!

  3. I'm confused with totsy, I placed an order the 1st of the month and it still says pending order. It hasn't even taken the monies out of my account. How long does it normally take to recieve an order from them? I looked up reviews online and they fail big time in the shipping department, thank goodness I ordered Christmas gifts from them a whole three months before xmas I guess.


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