Monday, September 10, 2012

Show & Tell; Baby Talk


1. Tell us your favorite baby names? Aside from your own babies, if you have some :)
Do you notice a trend here with the girl names? All E's and A's. I'm obsessed with vowels. And as far as boy names go? Yeah, Andrew is not loving it. He's a traditional stick with James, John, and Matthew kind of guy. Not that anything is wrong with that... because we will most likely go that route :)
2. Show me your "dream" nursery {can be your baby's nursery or one that you love}

3. How many children would you like to have? How far apart?

Well since we are expecting our second, then definitely two :)  . That was easy huh? Lets see... I've always said that I would like 4 children. Always. Since I turned 5 or something. But in reality, when Andrew and I got married we had settled down with the three number. Not sure why. We just felt like that sounded like a good number. And now that I have been a mother of one, and soon will be one of two, I think about whether or not we will have a third. I think life as a family of four sounds absolutely wonderful. I can picture all our vacations together. The holidays. Birthdays. And for whatever reason three just kind of, sort of, okay I admit it, scares me. 

But do I think that I could possibly be done having babies after our baby boy? Absolutely not. I'm only 26. To think that I would be an empty nester at the age of 44 just near makes me want to cry.

So? My solution? Have another one in about 5 years. Husbands solution? Bam bam bam lets get them out of the way and out of the house as-soon-as-possible. Ha.

4. Tell us what you think the importance of parenting is?

Oh man. What isn't important about parenting. Who comes up with these questions anyway? Wink. But really, I could devote a whole post to this question. In fact, I could devote a whole post to each of these questions {but I won't}. You see parenting is a tricky thing. Many people {myself including} are fresh on this boat. Even those with years of experiences probably feel like they are fresh-off-the-boat. Do we ever know it all? Absolutely not. But personally, I think the importance of parenting is trying. Learning. Improving. Growing. Changing. Parenting is a day-to-day thing. It is so important for us to take a step back and re-evaluate each day. Think about what went good. What went bad. And how tomorrow could be different. 

Our children depend on us. And thus, it's our responsibility to do everything possible to be our very best.

5. Show us your favorite newborn photo {can be your children or random}

6.  Tell us some things you promise to never do as a parent {and if you are a parent, did you stick to it}

Let's talk about what I said that I wouldn't do and I did. Letting my child go barefoot until the age of 1. Yes. Okay maybe socks in the winter {obviously}, but otherwise? Girlfriend hated shoes. And I equally did too.

Changing a diaper on the couch or anywhere else that didn't resemble a changing station. Guilty.

Not teach her Russian. Ah, so guilty. I was doing so well when she was younger and now when we have learning time, I just obsess over English and completely fail in speaking to her in Russian.

Watch a real TV show. Okay, I never said never. I just knew that I wanted to wait a while. And it was about a couple months ago that Elliana watched something other than baby Einstein. Can you guess what it was? Caillou. Ding ding ding. That darn little Caillou.

I swear I thought I had a whole long list... but now that I'm sitting here just thinking about it, I'm drawing a blank. Trust me though, I'm sure I said I wouldn't, and did. ;)

Next Week: High School Memories
1. Tell us what kind of student you were in high school {popular, nerd, sport obsessed, choir, etc}
2. Share with us some high school pictures. We know you have them somewhere.
3. Tell us about your school. Private? Public? How many in graduating class? Mascots? School colors?
4. Tell us about some of your favorite memories of high school. Or what stands out the most? Any teachers? Specific classes?
5. Tell us a piece of advice you would pass on to your children or any child entering high school.
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  1. I just fell head over heels in love with the names Emory and Porter! I'm going to have to add them to my list! I absolutely loved this weeks link up theme, but it's not helping my baby fever!! As usual Elliana is absolutely adorable :)

  2. I love the name Emory ... what a sweet picture of Elliana!

  3. Love your post, and I'm seriously loving all these show and tell posts...SO MUCH FUN!


  4. I love the name Elliana. We actually considered it for my daughter's middle name.

    Also, my husband wants to "bam bam bam" too, but I want some spacing! :D

  5. This is such a fun idea...and Porter is our boy name being as it's my maiden name! ;) awesome post!

  6. That's so funny because Porter is our boys name because it's my maiden name too! Great minds :)

  7. You speak Russian?! Teach your sweet girl some now! Languages are so so so important. I know it's probably easier said than done though. I'm Polish-American and my husband is Croatian (but I'm a German and Arabic teacher so I'm super concerned with which languages we will speak with our future children). I don't know how it'll work besides with Polish and English (and I know my husband will insist in Croatian too lol but I hope I'll be able to remember to use as many of the languages as I can when it comes to that time!

  8. The names you posted are adorable! I don't think I've ever heard Luka, but how cute!? And the nurseries are adorable as well :)

    Can't wait for the next "show & tell" just thinking about that topic makes me laugh...those were the days!! Ha

  9. That picture of Elliana is just too cute!

    Can't wait for next week's link-up...great questions!!

  10. The hubs keeps telling me if we're having a 3rd, we need to get on it! I would rather wait awhile to decide if I actually want a third, but I figure no one regrets a baby...just not having one. SO empty nester I'll be at 46!

  11. Oh and I LOVE that picture of Elliana!

  12. I am in LOVE with all of those boy names!!

  13. I LOVE your names! My sister is having a baby girl named Embry in 5 weeks (and my grandma always says Emory hahah). And those nurseries are to die for! I am like you, the thought of ever being done having kids makes me sad..and I dont even have 1!

  14. We have several similarities in boy names! I can't wait to hear what you choose for your little guy:)

  15. What a fun link up and such a cute picture of Elliana! Can't wait to hear what you decide for your son!

  16. I love the names Porter and Keller. Super cute :) You are such a good momma, your kiddos are lucky to have you!!

  17. I love that name Emory, so cute. That picture of Elli is so precious! This is my favorite link up so far

  18. I love your names- especially the boys! Can't wait to see what you decide for your little man! :)

  19. Newest Follower! I love your blog!!


  20. Love your names, especially Emory. We are naming our little girl to be Emery!

  21. My sons middle name is Porter! :D

  22. You are right according to statistics with E and A names :) Read the book Beyond Ava and Aiden. You won't be able to put it down. It's not your conventional baby name book. Parents pick names based on themes: traditional, modern, etc. Great suggestions on helping pick a unique, but not too out there.

  23. Love the questions, and if I didn't already post today (and wasn't so lazy) I'd probably take part.
    I love the name Elliott for a boy. It's one of my all time favorites.
    I'm also guilty of changing my daughter absolutely anywhere. At first I made it a point to always use the change table, but eventually you give up.

  24. I love Keller and Kason! Never heard those and I'm a substitute teacher! I have seen it all! My friend is thinking of naming her girl Elliot. It is her maiden name.

  25. I love reading names :) We're going the traditional route with our baby boy...can't wait to see what y'all name yours!

  26. Evelyn was on our girls name list!
    Love the newborn pic of E. So cute!

  27. This is so fun! As soon as I read this I quickly typed up my own one hehe. Thanks for hosting!

    Sylvia @

  28. I'm a new follower :) Found your blog through Ashley Says. I saw baby fever and was all on it!

    Luka, Elvira, and Keller are really cute names. I have the hardest time thinking of boy names honestly. I'd kill for a solid list like that!

    Steph xx

  29. Love your name list and that sweet pic of E as a newborn. Do you guys have a name picked out for your little guy?

  30. i always thought i would have just 3 i am 6 kids later...and i still want more...i def agree w/ur hubs...knock them out close together...5 yr gap ...that sweet baby will need a sib to hang out with...our first 3 are 2 yrs apart...then 7 yr gap and 3 more close in age...i don't think i'll ever have an empty nest (fine by me)

  31. I adore the names you chose - especially Pierce for a boy. I just read a book with the main character named Pierce! Love the nurseries too :D
    I can't wait to participate in next weeks!


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