Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oh those funny random thoughts in my head that I put on paper. Or computer.

* I can't tell you how many times my dog gets kneed in the face, a day. Or stepped on. He is just always there. And so happens to be there when my knee goes up. Or I turn my leg this way, or that way. I  mean seriously, I feel bad about it. But at the same time? Dog! Why are you always there!

* Speaking of said dog, if dogs could have a creeper status... mine would be at the top. 

* You know... since I work at the hospital.... and I see it all... I always make a mental note in my head to make sure I am always nice and shaven. Why? Because you just never know when you might wind up in the hospital. And the last thing I want is to someone to think I'm some hairy gorilla....

* I need you guys to all sponsor my blog so I can buy Elliana this ridiculous amazing swing set masterpiece. No really. If every one of you would just donate 1 dollar... we could make this happen! But really... really... come sponsor us! I'll even give you 25% off using code: playground
Clever, huh?
* I get my hair cut at great clips. Go ahead, drop those chins to the floor. Best money saving tip out there. Unless you want to get some sort of style, or do any major changes {highlights, perm, the Miley Cyrus do}...I highly suggest just saving those pennies and walking ino GC, with no shame. I believe those ladies are certified in using scissors.

* I saw Justin Bieber driving the other day. In a yellow volkswagon. NO LIE.

* Sometimes, I get a thought in my head... I think about how its supposed to play out... and then I expect that to happen. When it doesn't? I'm left confused. For instance... take this conversation that I had over the phone with an employee from Auto Zone a few weeks ago at 8 in the morning.
Me: Hi, I'm calling to inquire about brake fluid.
Guy: Yes? What about it?
Me: I just want to get an approximate cost.
Guy: It's pretty cheap.
Me: Okay... how cheap?
Guy: Bottles vary about 4-8 dollars and you need x number of bottles.
Me: And then how much does it cost to get done?
Guy: Get what done?
Me: The brake fluid
Guy: What do you mean
Me: {scratching my head}.... um... how much do I pay you to do it for me
Guy: Pay me to do what? The brake fluid for you?
Me: Yes {why does he seem so confused by my question}
Guy: Well normally.... people do it themselves, it's pretty easy.
Me: How easy?
Guy: Easy.
Me: Like my husband can do i?
Guy: Like my 5 year old can.
Me: That's a pretty impressive 5 year old.
Guy: Any other questions?
Me: Well ya... but... no.

.....I was later informed that auto zone is a parts store...

ah, ha. Now that makes sense.....

* So call me crazy... but I can totally see myself being one of those people to drive around with a helmet on. And have my children wear one too. Coming from the girl who refused to wear a seat belt as a teenager.

*I made the husband drive 25 minutes to the apple orchard a couple of weeks ago. When we pulled up to the middle-of-nowhere... I quickly realized that it was still August. Which means, not fall. Which means, no apples to be picked. Personally, I think that's a bunch of bogus. I should be allowed to pick apples all year round. Summer, spring, fall, and winter.

*Speaking of driving, why is it that when I'm lost and trying to get directions from someone, they insist on using north, south, east, and west. I mean, seriously, give me landmarks people. Right and left. North, south, east, and west? It all looks the same to me.

*A few weeks ago, I was downstairs at work craving fries. I was in line waiting for my fries. I proceeded to add this amazing seasoning to my fries when all of a sudden I am interrupted by a fairly larger older lady with her ignorance and stink eye "Don't you know that's bad for you." UM. Lady. Don't you know that you are about 100 pounds larger than me, and I'm pregnant... what's your excuse?

Ahem. And that was aggression of the very hungry pregnant woman talking.

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  1. Dustin wants to buy p a swingset for christmas too! Not one that large though lol.

    Did you find an orchard with apples? We havent been able to find one because of the early spring killing them all. The orchard we went to last weekend in valpariaso had brought apples in from other orchards around the country and had them in bins in the orchard. lame.

  2. That swingset is amazing. I want it too!

  3. Ok so Rylie is CONSTANTLY banging her head into thing. My leg, the couch, the table leg, the chair leg. No matter where she is her head is getting smacked into something. Maybe its a bread thing?

  4. Nothing wrong with Great Clips or Fantastic Sams. I do the same, and with my eyebrow waxing also. I don't see the need of wasting gas to drive 20 miles to see my stepsister at her salon and to pay almost 3 times what the other costs.

  5. i'm so jealous of you seeing justin beiber!

  6. bwhahahah that totally sounds like something I would do call the auto part store lmao! You have me literally laughing out loud! So how much does it cost to get ad space on your blog? Do you do like link up spots? I would like to maybe add my Sunshine Project to it, which by the way you should link up to today because this is major sunshine girl! OMG I love your hair, nothing wrong with that I straight up go to We care hair when I need a trim, now hair dye um no way lol! OMG peeps always nosing in others business, lol that you thought that to her or did you say it ha! OK so I love this whole post almost as much as I love you! xoxo

  7. o.m.g. becky. i'm dying! I'm the same way about be nice and "shaven" as you put it. whenever its time for my waxing appt. i always have to convince myself to go and always tell myself if I get hit by a car I want all the doctors and nurses to at least no they're dealing with a hygienic individual!

    and the call to auto zone? hilarious!

  8. I seriously would have called Auto Zone & asked the same thing! haha

    What is up with people using NSE&W when giving and asking for directions? People call my work all the time "I'm going East on Jefferson, how do I get to you?"... My response, "well that's nice for you let me transfer you to someone who actually knows where you're at and where you're going..."

    Have a good one!
    <3 Melissa

  9. When the playhouse is up, we' coming to play! That thing is sweet! And yes that's the phrase is just used to describe it, sweet. Also, your dog can join ours in creeper status, it's a little ridiculous, right?!

  10. If you live around Indy I think I totally have seen that person that looks like Just Bieber before... it may or may not be the same person my cousin took a picture of in BDubs one night and said we were having dinner with Justin Bieber lol

  11. dying laughing about autozone and the lady trying to talk you out of your fries! I'm not pregnant and if someone tried to take away MY fried food things would not be pretty!! lol

  12. Oh my Goodness... Hilarious. And I totally believe in the power of getting a hair trim at Fantastic Sams.

  13. the auto zone conversation... i can't stop giggling. in my office. at work. with people walking past my door. and then add on the fries with seasoning and the large woman with her stink eye? geez i love you. you are hilarious.

  14. oh man.... [as cullen would say ;) ] i miss reading your blog!!! you are a hoot little lady!! B just asked me what i was laughing at....i said a silly pregnant lady ;)

  15. 1. Come to Switzerland where the roads are like a bowl of spaghetti and everyone gives you directions by direction a city. (This would be helpful IF I knew where the heck anything is.) There is no right, left, or cardinal directions, or even highway exit numbers here. Must say it's given me a new perspective on the importance of geography.

    2. Autozone story: Hilarious. Can just imagine your sarcastic laugh over the phone and saying, "Well thanks, buddy."

    3. What was Beiber doing in Indy?

  16. I probably would have done the same thing to the Auto guy, cars.....ppppsshhh, that's what boys are for.

  17. You're hilarious! She would LOVE that playground! I have the most random thoughts too! You're not alone! :) Love reading yours!


  18. I'm baffled by how these HUGE non-pregnant people give me the stink eye when I eat a single bean and cheese burrito from Taco Bell... and I told my husband about it and he just doesn't understand. But I totally get where you're coming from! It's SO annoying! I would've gone off at that lady.

  19. I am so with you on directions. North South East West. Completely lost already. Maybe we should invest in a compass! :)


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